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Curing Excessive Sweating

Posted Apr 09 2009 5:46pm

Is Curing Excessive Sweating possible? First and foremost, a little introduction about hyperhidrosis and how this lens gives you an insight and if possible, help you in your search of Curing

Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating. Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by abnormally increased perspiration, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. The cause of primary hyperhidrosis is unknown however surgeons claim that it is caused by sympathetic over activity.

Anxiety can worsen the situation for many sufferers. A common complaint is that they get nervous because they sweat, then sweat more because they are nervous. Other factors can play a role; certain foods & drinks, nicotine, caffeine, and smells can trigger a response.

Are you one of them?
Primary hyperhidrosis is estimated at 2.8% of the world’s population. It affects men and women equally, and most commonly occurs among people aged 25-64 years. About 30%-35% have another family member afflicted, implying a genetic predisposition.

How this can affect you
Excessive sweating of the hands interferes with many routine activities such as securely grasping objects. Some hyperhidrosis sufferers avoid situations where they will come into physical contact with others, such as greeting a person with a handshake.

Hiding embarrassing sweat spots under the armpits limits the sufferers’ arm movements and pose. In severe cases, shirts needs to be changed several times during the day.

Some jobs present challenges for hyperhidrosis sufferers. Jobs which require everyday use of a knife may not be safely performed by people with excessive sweating of the hands.

Temporary treatments
Here are some ways in temporarily Curing Excessive Sweating.

Talc or baby powder can also be used in temporarily Curing Excessive Sweating because the powder will absorb the sweat but it may also become a messy white coating on the place of application.

Absorbent shoe insoles decrease the sweat in shoes. Relaxation and meditation and weight loss have also been proposed to be of help in temporarily Curing Excessive Sweating.

Medications and Surgical Procedures

Although medical and Surgical Procedures is an expensive option but extremely effective in Curing Excessive Sweating. Some examples are stated below.

- Aluminium chloride is used in regular antiperspirants. However hyperhidrosis sufferers need solutions with a much higher concentration to effectively Curing Excessive Sweating.

- Antidepressants and anxiolytics were formerly used on the belief that primary hyperhidrosis was related to an anxious personality style. Beta-blockers have also been tried, but do not seem to be very effective in Curing Excessive Sweating.

- Lumbar sympathectomy is a relatively new procedure in Curing Excessive Sweating and aimed at those patients for whom endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy has not relieved excessive foot sweating. The success rate is about 90% and the operation should be carried out only if patients first have tried other methods of Curing Excessive Sweating.

how to stop excessive sweating

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