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CSA Week 3: May 31 (Spinach Meatballs)

Posted Jun 01 2012 7:49am

This short week has flown by as short weeks tend to do. Having Tuesday off (thank goodness for Melissa’s guest post !) after Vegas meant only three days before I can finally catch up at home. Two big events await though: a friend’s wedding and Feast in the Field . I’ll have lots of photos to share come Monday!

Amy from Three Rivers emailed us about our weekly CSA pickup , letting us know that due to drought, some crops on the farm are struggling (broccoli and many greens) while others are flourishing (tomatoes, cucumbers, squash!). As of earlier this week, the farm was going onto week FOUR of no rain. It rained a bit yesterday so I hope some quenched their dry earth.


This week’s CSA saw a few new items, like the above head of cabbage. We also received green scallions (instead of red like last week), Swiss chard…


…and multi-colored beets!


I have never been a huge fan of beets but I have also never prepared them myself, so I’m looking forward to experimenting.

We also received the CSA regulars spinach, turnips, and lettuce. Speaking of turnips, we roasted them last night and they were fantastic!

With turnips, you typically peel the skin as it’s pretty bitter. Once peeled, they can turn sweet and are similar in texture and taste (sort of) to potatoes. You can even make mashed potatoes turnips!


Roasting steps:

  • Peel turnips
  • Quarter turnips
  • Coat in olive oil, a dash of garlic powder, salt and pepper
  • Roast on a baking pan at 450 degrees for about 30 minutes
  • (Flip once while cooking!)


That brown ball next to the turnips is a meatball, which is equally as easy and a great way to add greens to your dinner!

I used this recipe from the Talking Kitchen . She takes great food photos and always posts recipes that are approachable for every cook. Basically, you use a fairly traditional meatball mixture (ground beef, spices, breadcrumbs, minced onion) and add chopped spinach!


This is a great way to sneak extra greens into your food without actually tasting them. Also note the red scallion I sprinkled on top!

The best part of this meal was that everything on the plate is local. That’s a pretty fabulous way to eat!

Happy Friday!

Question: Best beet preparation? Give me ideas for beets!

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