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CSA Week 12: August 2, Bacon Corn Hash

Posted Aug 04 2012 5:59pm

**Approximately 30 minutes before typing this post, I arrived in Denver, Colorado after 14 hours in the car and a night spent in Salina, Kansas. I’ll be here for the next 8 days, traveling around the state and experiencing the beauty of the mountains and sky. This post is late because I spent too much time packing and too little time making sure I had a post ready to publish before I left :) I’ll have guest posts and a few pictures here and there while I’m gone, and I plan to pick up the posting pace drastically upon my return. Have a great week!**

I picked up week 12’s CSA on Thursday, planning to send most to family since we were leaving for Colorado the next day. I knew we were getting peppers that I could snack on during the long drive but oh, the peppers! I adore peppers of all kinds and we got a bundle this week.


The variety of peppers we received provided us with a rainbow of not only color but flavor, ranging from sweet and snackable to spicy and savory. In total, we got bell and Italian sweet peppers, plus bananas, poblanos, jalapenos, and serranos.


We also got these awesome yellow cherry tomatoes. After trying red, orange, and now yellow, I’ve confirmed that these are definitely my favorite. They even made the “snacks” bag for the trip!


And of course, two more of my summer favorites.


These watermelon have seeds and when asked why Three Rivers doesn’t grow seedless, Amy replied:

“We haven't yet tried to grow seedless watermelons for a few reasons. First, the seed is very, very expensive. For example: to purchase 1000 seeds of one seedless watermelon variety would cost $470.80 versus the $63.95 we pay currently--wow! That is a big difference and we would definitely need to increase the cost of a CSA share to help cover that extra expense. Secondly, germinating that seed takes precise temperature and humidity. If we spend all that money on seed, we better make sure we can germinate it properly.”

She stated that they weren’t ruling it out for future years but for now, seeds it is, and I have no problem spitting those seeds out after I toss a little sea salt on the juicy red flesh!

Here’s what else we received:

  • tomatoes (romas and heirloom)
  • beets
  • basil
  • squash and zucchini
  • onions
  • garlic

This week’s recipe uses all that onion that’s been in each CSA bundle, but feel free to add any other vegetable you might have lying around. That’s the great thing about a hash – you can literally hash most anything together and throw an egg on top for a fantastic breakfast!

Bacon Corn Hash

I used Smitten Kitchen’s technique and didn’t really alter her recipe , though I did add onion. This recipe calls for:

  • corn (which has been spotted at most farmer’s markets recently)
  • potatoes (have any left from your CSA a couple weeks back?)
  • and bacon (buy local!)

Add the following to use more of you CSA basket:

  • cubed squash or zucchini
  • diced bell/Italian pepper
  • minced garlic
  • diced tomato on top

Bacon Corn Hash2

Fry the bacon, then cook the potatoes in the bacon grease. Be careful not to set off the smoke alarm but even if you do, it’s worth it. Add any softer veg (squashes, peppers, corn) towards the end, as they won’t take as long as the potato to cook. Top with any style egg you like! SK has a quick fried egg technique with the hash recipe .

Bacon Corn Hash3

Question: What ingredients would you add to your ideal hash?

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