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Crystals, gems and water elixirs

Posted Apr 30 2011 6:37am
I spent weeks typing up this post. I procrastinated, deleted, typed and retyped it over and over again. My reason being a topic as metaphysical as crystal therapy needed to be delivered in just the right way. This post is an expression of whom I call my "inner hippy". I couldn't let it float around as just an idea any longer so here goes...

Who is the inner hippy exactly? It is that little (or larger) part of you that draws your attention to an article like this one! The part that is captivated by a glimpse into an "unseen" world, something mystical and the possibility of magic. In fact, the inner hippy IS another way to explain the inner child, after all aren't children fascinated with magic?


Something that I've always loved are crystals, also known as semi-precious stones or gems. This started when I went on a family holiday to Broken Hill, a mining town in South Australia. On this trip my dad had given me a bag of mixed semi-precious gems, all colourful and full of quartz, amethyst, agate and the like. I still have a few of those gems, like marbles most of them were lost during the years but my trip to that town sparked a deep interest in the mineral kingdom. On the way we visited caves with stalactites, stalagmites and natural rock formations, which inspired me to start school projects on the topics. I must have known there was more to these "pretty stones" because these days my interest in them comes from a more metaphysical place. My collection has grown to be quite impressive along with my library ;)

Photographer Andrew Collins
 Naracoorte Caves South Australia

Skeptics can think all they want when it comes to the "crystal healing". You certainly won't pick up a stone and "fix" yourself from heart disease nor is anyone claiming that. The kind of benefits I've noticed are far more subtle and like all good things, take their time in their manifestation. However, the use of these stones has a long history dating all the way back to beginning of mankind beginning with beads made from mammoth ivory and Baltic amber.

Historically, crystals were used in ancient Egypt, Sumaria, Greece, and Britain had used gems for jewellery, luck, protection, beauty and health. The word 'crystal' comes from the Greek word for ice, as it was believed that clear quartz was water that had frozen so deeply it would always remain solid. Amethyst means 'not drunken', and was worn as an amulet to avoid drunkenness. Hematite comes from the word for blood, because of its red colour. Jade was highly valued in ancient China and still is to this day. Crystals and gemstones have also played a part in all religions. They are mentioned throughout the Bible, and in the Koran. Amulets made with crystals were banned by the Christian church in 355 AD.

Image from

The quartz crystal structure embodies the mathematical and architectural proportion of phi- the Golden Ratio. The Great Pyramids of Giza are structured according to this ratio as is the natural world. The human body, trees, flowers, shells, fruits and animals all have these proportions, this is how science infuses with art.

Quartz crystal (silicon dioxide) is used today in watches (oscillator- to keep time), electronic products, telescopes and computers (silicon chips) because it possesses piezoelectricity, which produces a natural frequency. Quartz crystal is a receptor and emitter of electromagnetic waves and has the ability to hold memory.

Gem therapy is used in traditional Tibetan Medicine has a unique and mysterious system of making jewel pills made with crystals and other precious stones for use in treatment. Ayurvedic medicine also uses crystals as part of the treatment protocol. The theory is sunlight passing through the stone would transmit a certain frequency that would be absorbed by the cellular structure of the wearer. Over time the person's system resonates with this new influence and encourages the healing process.
Crystals are said to have a specific vibratory qualities that may be used to change and influence the brainwaves and effect the cellular vibrations in the body, balancing the

Crystals and Structured Water
Water is more than just H20, it is a crystalline entity that makes up 70% of this planet. The cells of our body are immersed in water, making us 70% (approx) water-based beings. Water has the power to support life and transform into different states. Just placing clear quartz crystals in your pitcher of water can restructure it, so your body can absorb it better. Add a pinch of naturally harvested sea salt to give it charge, minerals and for hydration.

Structured water has six sided molecules (the phi ratio). Snowflakes formed from structured water have six sides. Water that tumbles and flows over rocks is also found to be six sided in molecular structure and is referred to as “living water”. Bacteria and viruses do not survive in a structured water environment, which is why healthy streams, lakes and rivers keep clear and balanced. “Unstructured water” on the other hand is missing one electron from its outer orbit, while structured water has no missing electrons. Unstructured water results from chemical treatments, pesticides, piping water to high pressure, pollution, and electrical magnetic field radiations.

Research at the University of Georgia has shown that diseased cells are always surrounded by unstructured water. And healthy cells are always surrounded by structured water. Crystals and gems can be used to be infused with water, into a crystal elixir.

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has researched the healing affects of water...

A crystal elixir is a liquid preparations made from gemstones. Similar to Bach flower remedy's this is a vibrational or energetic medicine.
They are prepared by placing the stones in water in a bowl of clear glass in sunlight for several hours and then the water that has been 'charged' by the gem stone is filtered off and preserved with alcohol. The electromagnetic vibration specific to the stone is transferred to the water during the preparation of the gem elixir. This electromagnetic vibration in the water then alters electromagnetic vibrations that have become out of alignment back to their proper values on ingestion into the human body.
How to make a crystal elixir...
Making a crystal elixir is too simple! First, the crystals must be cleaned by placing them in running cold water to rid them of all stored/ irrelevant energy or dust. Then they should be left for at least an few hours or over night in a glass jug of filtered water. I'll add clear quartz to my water or whichever combination I feel like on the day. It is even better to make this water under a full moon. Add a pinch of mineralised sea salt and MSM powder and you have a super hydrating fluid, easily absorbed and used by your body. This water will even taste differently.

Crystals at the bottom of my glass water jug, easy!
Basic properties of stones...

Clear quartz- to "restructure" drinking water, or amplify any remedy
Rose quartz- for self-love, past trauma and heart-related issues
Amethyst- anxiety, insomnia, migraines and said to lower blood pressure
Moonstone- women's issues and fertility
Jade- health, hair, skin and nails

Check out Love is in the Earth if you want a fully comprehensive guide to crystals and semi-precious stones.

Maybe JUST maybe those hippies were onto something ; )

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