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Crucial Abdominal Exercise Routines That Will Build Muscles The Natural Way

Posted Mar 10 2009 3:17pm

Many of us are looking for the best workout system that incorporates exercises that build muscles that is easy on our bank account, but that is effective. One group of muscles that is readily focused in on is the abdominal muscles. It looks nice to have a six pack, but it also aids us health-wise in general. Strong abdominal muscles aid the posture and also strengthen an area of the back that lots of people have trouble with. Nevertheless, we must ensure that we build muscles the natural way without the need of supplements or drugs to grow muscle.

I will outline 3 popular abdominal exercises that are commonly performed that are simple methods to build your abs muscles.

Exercise 1 : the sit-up

This exercise is quite popular, but it has to be performed correctly to avoid injury. Here is the steps to perform a sit-up correctly.

1) Lie on the floor while keeping your knees apart and your feet firmly planted on the floor.

2) Cross your arms over your chest placing your hands on the opposing shoulders.

3) Tighten your abdominal area by attempting to force your belly button towards your spine.

4) Raise your body upwards 45 degrees while keeping your abs contracted ( try not to bend your neck forward )

5) Stay in this position for around 2 seconds, exhaling at the highest point. Slowly lower your body back down to the floor without allowing your head to touch the ground.

6) Repeat the above steps three to five. In the beginning do not be discouraged if you are able to perform 5 or less. Over time you will be able to increase the number of repetitions.

Exercise 2 : the crunch

1) Starting position: Begin by lying on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and pull them towards your mid-section ( having the lower part of your leg perpendicular to the floor ).

2) Maintaining the correct form is important for this exercise. To complete a complete repetition, attempt to curl your body forward, allowing your shoulder blades to lift off of the floor, hold for one moment, and slowly lower your upper body to the floor.

3) Attempt to complete 15 repetitions at a time in a controlled way in order to prevent injury.

4) Another crucial goal that you should have while performing this exercise is to ensure that you stretch properly before your crunch workout. the head area and also the lower back, should be warmed up before completing a crunch.

Exercise 3 - exercise ball crunches

This particular exercise is my favorite because it combines the powerful crunch and also allows you to work out numerous other abdominal muscles at the same time because of the use of the exercise ball.

1) Sit on the exercise ball and place your feet in front of you to start off this exercise. This exercise a little bit more advanced so you should practice balancing correctly on the exercise ball before attempting to do numerous repetitions.

2) Place your hands at the side of your head at the ear level. Keeping your neck and your back straight, lower your upper body behind you, while sitting on the exercise ball ( at all times ensure that your feet firmly planted on the floor ). While continuing to stare up at the ceiling, attempt to force your chin towards your belly button without bending your neck. This movement may seem very restricted; however, it’s extremely powerful and will do wonders for your abdominal area. Over time, you will be able to complete more repetitions so do not become discouraged the beginning.

3) If you are more advanced regarding an exercise routine, you should attempt the following advanced variation of the crunch on the exercise ball. This will work the abdominals that are located at the side of your abdominal area. The starting position is the same as the above steps for completing a crunch on the exercise will however. Instead of just raising your upper body upwards during this movement, twist your body and allow the opposing elbow to point towards the opposite side of your abdominal area. Again ensure you have correctly stretched and that you ensure that you back remains straight and avoid bending your neck.

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