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CrossFit in the Park

Posted Apr 08 2013 8:48pm

Waaaahhh CrossFit isn’t opening until May 1st-ish.

Luckily, the owner Justin is super awesome and decided to hold workouts in the park for us. I couldn’t make last weeks because I was in Pennsylvania visiting my Mom, so tonight was the first one I attended.

First off, it’s a really fun group and Justin is an extremely good coach! I’m so excited for the box to open!

Anyway, we started off with a warm up jog and some mobility exercises. After that, we went right to the kettlebells. Justin taught us the proper way to do a KB swing, and of course I was singled out because I’m an old lady who’s had surgery on both of her hips. I think I got it down now though!

Next up was burpees. Chest to ground burpees. No explanation needed.

So, we grabbed a partner and started the WOD, rotating from:

  • 3-3-6-6-9-9 etc. KB swings and burpees
  • run a lap down to the water and back

Three times total. Easy right?

REALITY CHECK! I’m pretty sure I felt yesterdays Baptism – 5 course Italian meal, coming up.

But still, it was awesome and I loved every second of it. Jill’s on the bandwagon. Thanks Justin!


As soon as I got home I made a green protein smoothie. I wasn’t craving anything else, so… spinach: it’s what’s for dinner.


Gus was curious about Mama’s food, as usual.


His eyes match the smoothie almost exactly!


So he gave it some love…


And then stuck his face in it and licked his lips. What a character.

Off to shower and hit the sack!

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