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Posted Mar 08 2011 10:48pm

Dinner Tonight: Homemade Meatlovers Pizza


I love this dinner. It is so easy & fast to make, despite the fact that it is homemade...dough & all. It only took me 30 minutes to make these pizza (minus cook time, about 15 min each). So, don’t know what to make for should totally try this pizza recipe out!!image


DSC07596 On a different note. My man took my stitches out last night...and amazingly I feel SOOOO much better (aside from a little band-aid rash...what’s that all about?!!). [Pictured – only 1 of my three cuts]

My doc said I could start running 2 weeks after surgery = Monday!! I have been planning my workout schedule for next week & I decided I really needed to throw some CROSS-TRAINING into my running life.

I try. Or maybe I should say I think about cross-training. But it usually ends up that I don’t have time or can’t work it in my schedule with the little man...excuses, excuses, blah, blah! DSC07598

So, after reading an article about cross-training in Runner’s World (which was a birthday present from my best friend CORRIN, THANKS SO MUCH! Got March yesterday & April today!), I decided it needs to be done. I even added it to MY GOALS THIS MONTH . [So, whether you are a runner or on & try this out! Everyone can benefit from this kind of training!]

My cross-training is going to be “sport specific conditioning” cross-training. Not that I play any sports right now (although I use to be a sports MANIAC), but doing sport specific conditioning I will keep my whole body toned. That is the hope anyway!

Here’s what I’m planning for next week:

  • Monday – Run
  • Tuesday – Basketball conditioning (ie: lines)
  • Wednesday – Run
  • Thursday – Volleyball conditioning (ie: block jumps)
  • Friday –  short run + Driving all day to Oregon!!
  • Saturday – LONG Run

Soooo, as I am no longer a “sports playing maniac” I want to know what you guys do/did for conditioning & practices in basketball & volleyball. Hook me up with some ideas!!

I think next week I’ll hit up Tennis & Hiking sport specific conditioning!!

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