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Creating the Simply Nutritious Lifestyle

Posted Oct 03 2012 10:11am

It’s been a few months in the making, but I am so excited to finally release the latest addition to Simply Nutritious by Kate, my Simply Nutritious Lifestyle program.

The idea for this membership came about when one of my clients asked me how I make living such a healthy lifestyle seem so simple. I had to laugh a little. I have always thought of myself as a healthy person but definitely don’t consider myself to be a perfect example. I don’t make it to the gym on a daily basis. I love dark chocolate and wine; maybe a little too much. I drink coffee and I occasionally eat more bread than salads.

As I thought about her comment I realized, yes, I am far from perfect. However, what matters about living a healthy lifestyle isn’t cutting out everything in your diet or following whatever current trends exist in nutrition. What does matter is finding a balance between the theoretical and the practical. In other words, discovering a lifestyle that let’s you live healthy your entire life. Like everyone else, I have followed the trends, diets and latest new reports. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was twelve. I’ve studied nutrition and dietetics, holistic health and physical fitness.

Now? I have achieved that balance in my life. I’ve discovered that healthy living, what I call a nourished lifestyle, is about continuing to educate yourself and applying that knowledge in your everyday life. It’s about finding a moment of peace and relaxation as much as what you eat. It’s about putting everything in its proper perspective. And for me, it starts with food.

I no longer avoid coffee like I used to because, in all honesty, I thoroughly enjoy the experience of waiting as my coffee drips through my Vietnamese press each morning. Does that mean I think drinking coffee all day is healthy? No. It means I have have grown to cherish those few minutes of peace before my crazy day begins.

I wake up each day ready to enjoy every moment, spending time in the kitchen to make sure my body has the proper nourishment. If I want bread I eat it, but savor every single bite. And I mean every bite. I try to make the food I eat nourish my mind and soul as much as my body.

I finish off each evening with a glass of wine, not because it is the healthiest thing in the world, but because it causes me to sit back, relax and once again take in the moment for what it is. Not a bottle, but a glass. It’s about proper perspective and avoiding excess. About being conscious of my goals and needs and not allowing myself to indulge too much while still enjoying food and the pleasures that come with it.

Of course, I have beliefs and thoughts on healthy eating on a daily basis. These have been developed from both education and experience. A predominantly plant based diet. Reduced dairy and gluten. Natural whole foods. Learn to cook. However, I used to focus so much on health that I got away from what it means to be truly healthy; to remember to live. The funny thing is, today I feel healthier than I ever have before, and I’m enjoying every bit of my life. From years of my own personal trial and error I can confidently say I have truly reached a balanced, healthy lifestyle and I want to share that lifestyle with others.

So instead of preaching to my clients how to eat right and giving them vague, but pointed advice such as telling them to go to the gym – but giving no guidance on how to practically achieve anything – I have found that providing them with education and inspiration and letting them create their own lifestyle is the best possible way to reach total wellness. My role is as a guide and coach. It’s to help them reach their goals and shape their own lifestyle they can maintain throughout their lives.

This membership program is a glimpse into my life to help you shape your own. I will be guiding you with monthly recipes, tips and videos to make healthy cooking approachable, and articles on lifestyle issues. I’ve included discounts on cooking classes, dinners, restaurant tours and other activities I think you will both enjoy and learn from. The program will allow you to join me in my kitchen as I cook and entertain, and share my passion on a daily basis. But most importantly, this program is creating a lifestyle. One that can be maintained long term.

As a complement to Simply Nutritious Lifestyle I have developed Kate’s My Daily Health Coach as a way to stay in touch on a daily basis. Through email, text, or twitter communication my members will receive a quick piece of education, inspiration, or motivation to keep health top of mind. Allowing them to stay on track in reaching their goals.

Through sharing my experiences I hope to help you reach the lifestyle you have always wanted, a nourished one, and I will be right here to support you along the way.

with love and nourishment,

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