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Creating Moments of Beauty

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re in a whirlwind from the moment your feet touch the floor until your head hits the pillow? I know I certainly do & I don’t mind admitting that it can be incredibly hard to feel beautiful & be beautiful with constant demands on my time. Somehow I think I may not be alone.

I’ve had a desire to stop these whirlwinds of late by running away to a spa to be thoroughly indulged & renewed or quite simply staying curled up in bed for a week. The problem is that spa's are incredibly expensive & the whole bed curling up thing not quite workable. This has forced me to start thinking creatively about ways I can renew myself & feel a little more in tune with my life. With my ‘cheap & cheerful, or even better free,’ hat on, the following are some things I have been trying of late to help me create more beauty in my life & remain connected with my “inner Julie.” Can't say I'm quite in Zen mode just yet - but working on it.

Organically feeding & watering my garden & yes, ok, sometimes talking to my baby, yet to bloom, roses. We all need some verbal encouragement & praise every now & again.

Savouring the warmth & ritual of making a pot of tea & drinking it from a beautiful tea cup & saucer. When I think of all the teabags I have furiously jiggled in such a hurry of late, I feel quite sorry for them.

Starting a meditation practice & learning not to be too hard on myself when I cannot seem to fully empty my mind & thoughts. Soulful practice I am told is the key & so I’m sticking to it.

Having a weekend nap & not berating myself for slowly turning into my Nana. Am trying to convince myself it is not me getting old; it’s simply a “deeper” form of meditation.

Taking walks with my husband around our neighbourhood where we sneak peeks at other people’s homes & get ideas for our own patch of the world.

Trying to train my very beautiful, but very animated, cat Cookie to curl up in my lap for extended cuddles, simply so I can hear her purr & take in her stillness. Let’s just say that one’s a work in progress.

Cookie laughing at my attempts to get her to sit quietly in my lap!

In a more contemplative mood helping to lower my stress levels. The cute factor helps too.

I hope you find some of these helpful in creating moments of beauty in your own life – which of course you thoroughly deserve. I would love for you to add some more of your own as a comment so we can build on these ideas for anyone reading. Please share your thoughts & ideas.

Wishing you many beautiful moments…
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