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Creating Happiness, Freedom, Butterflies and Splashing Colors in 2011

Posted Dec 31 2010 12:00am
“Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you” Nathaniel Hawthorne

As the year comes to an end and a new year ushers itself on us tonight, we will all be thinking about the year ahead. In lieu of what we went through in this year, we think the next year will either be similar. Instantly flashes of what went wrong in this year will leave their residue in the year to come, if you Let them. The smart and positive thing to do is to leave this year to its original colors and SPLASH the coming year with colors of happiness, freedom and of course butterflies.

I’m often asked why I love butterflies so much. You mustve noticed, my blogs header and logo have this gorgeous pink butterfly. WHY? Well, I love what butterflies signify. To me they signify transformation, beauty, freedom, happiness and beautiful splashing colors. Thats what *Positive Provocations* is all about.

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.
~Joseph Campbell

When I was younger I often thought my ways were perfect. Then as I grew, as I learned, I slowly but steadily started my transformation, started matching my nature with Nature. My heart grew bigger and bigger, my soul soared higher and higher and my happiness knew no bounds. Today, I happily say, nothing phases me. I can be put into the worst, most difficult of situations and not panic or get hyper. I remember, while I was in Labor, waiting for my little one to arrive, the labor pains lasted for nearly 3 whole days…at literally 10 second intervals. While in that state, my mother and darling hubby were obviously worried seeing me and all I said in between those intervals was “Relax, I’m breathing. It’ll all be worth it soon”..and then would go back to deep breathing. My mum still says, “I gave birth to three children, but you took pains equivalent to giving birth to ten children in just one baby!” And yes, when I saw my little girls shimmering eyes, it was pure bliss.

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” ~Joseph Campbell

As *Positive Provocations* is part of my consciousness, it is transforming with me constantly…

Looking back at the year *Positive Provocations* and I have had:

  • Published my first Ebook – The Best of Positive Provocations
  • Published 100+ articles on the blog.
  • Wrote 20+ guest articles for other self improvement and personal development blogs.
  • Was Mentioned on so many awesome blogs more than a few hundred times.
  • Successfully counseled 1456 beautiful souls online.(free)
  • The subscriber and reader base of Positive Provocations grew 10 folds. I’ve honestly stopped keeping track :)
  • Started writing my very first book “Spiritual Laws of Happiness” , which will be due for release on Amazon in 2011.
  • Splashing happy colors as I look forward to 2011 with:

  • A new design/header for my blog.(my character animator brother is being a sweetheart and helping me with this.)Its up NOW! yipee…
  • New series of articles specific to spiritual growth and ascension; soul cleansing; relationships….
  • New Positive Provocations Workbook with positive exercises, affirmations and techniques to become a happier more positive person.
  • Release of my first book. YAY!
  • Adding and Offering Free Intuitive Readings and distance healing to all those who need it.
  • Creating a lean, clean and happily healthy Me :)
  • And so so much more….the happy colors that I hope to share with you here are limitless if not infinite.
  • I feel like I have surpassed all my own expectations for what I could do or achieve in this year. I’m at peace with my decisions, with my experiences, with everything good or bad, positive or negative. I’m going with the Divine flow. This inner tranquility has helped me immensely in realizing, that my life is not mine. I’ve been placed on this planet to help and heal…that’s my purpose, my passion. And I thank each and every one of you for helping me to realize that.

    My Special Gratitude and love goes out to all my blogging and writing friends, who have helped me grow so much more:

  • TimeThief for her big heart, unending support and knowledge in all things life and blog.
  • Sandra Lee for her beautiful thoughts and our common yet unique experiments in life and design.
  • Farnoosh for her priceless honesty and limitless love.
  • Robin for our soul-full love-full connection as soul sisters.
  • Evita for our love for all things alternative, metaphysical and divine.
  • Megan for being my joyful angel whose smile always melts my heart and whose words make me fly.
  • Lance for being the sweetest, most loving and most supportive friend I could ever ask for.
  • Jay for his big beautiful heart and for always getting me to think deeper and laugh harder with his mesmerizing words.
  • Joy for being superbly joyful and expansively loving in all she does and all she reflects in me.
  • Simon for being my angel in human form.
  • Steven for his shining heart, vast knowledge and loving modesty.
  • Dragos for being the awesome brain I sometimes wish I was blessed with :)
  • Jonathan for his beautiful spirit, positive wisdom and beautiful heart.
  • Amit for his awesome, fun and full of life hearty spirit which makes me smile everytime.
  • Lori for her beauty-filled spirit and gorgeous loving heart.
  • Arvind for his compassionate spirit, loving heart and beautifully touching words.
  • Keith for being the one who makes me think deep deep thoughts with so much love.
  • Ching Ya for all she teaches me about my online adventures everyday and for her ever loving spirit.
  • Barbara for being the loving, beautiful and humane touch to all things blogging and design.
  • Tess for showing me the bold, loving yet superbly gorgeous way of life.
  • Kristi for her big big heart, loving mention and all the knowledge of blogging she shares.
  • Hilary for her knowledge, experience and loving love always.
  • Dia for always being such a sweet supportive friend.
  • Eric for his amazing ways of inducing my life with wisdom.
  • Gayze for her beautiful heart and loving support all through raoka and more.
  • JonathanFigaro for making me see the other side of things with his unique insights.
  • Suzie for that beaming positive and loving soul that shines so bright.
  • Sara for her love filled writing and compassionate spirit.
  • Annabelle for her loving and fearless ways I so so admire.
  • My happiness, my courage, my strength, my persistence is all my own…BUT the credit for nudging me in the right direction goes to all the beautiful people in my life- my darling and ever supportive husband, my little angel(but not so angelic ;) ) daughter, my online and offline friends and YOU!

    I wouldn’t be even a minute drop of Me if it wasn’t for all your love and support. Thank YOU!

    With Immense Love & Gratitude,
    Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
    Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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