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Create better connections

Posted Sep 14 2009 9:54am
People follow fun, and people follow laughter.
I just read a GREAT article titles '8 Ways to Connect for Greater Happiness"
As a summary, the 8 ways are:
  1. Intention and focus |What is your intention for greater happiness? Connect inwardly with your vision by seeing, feeling, hearing yourself happier.
  2. Be Happier with you | Connect with, accept and appreciate the best in yourself.
  3. Expand your capacity for happiness | We can educate and train ourselves away from the high peaks of excitement and the lows of depression and despondency.
  4. Enrich your connections with family and friends | The closer you are to someone, the riskier it is to be as honest, open and authentic as you might be - and the more rewarding when you are.
  5. Touch | We make connections through our feelings and emotions. Touching others with our understanding and empathy, through careful listening and gentle eye contact, awakens the happiness of love
  6. Casual connections | If Social Networking is not for you, how about making contact with people locally? A word exchanged on a park bench, in a supermarket line or walking your dog can enrich your sense of community and feeling at one with your world.
  7. Reach out | Find an interest you can learn or share with others in your community.
  8. Laughter connects | The more you try to stop laughing, the less you can.
(This video takes a little while.... but its worth waiting a few minutes for it to get started!)
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