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Cream of the Crop Friday

Posted Jun 17 2011 9:50am
I think I’m on a food kick this week. Recipes, home cooked meals for WIAW , etc. What the heck, lets go ahead and end it with another food topic, shall well?

When I first learned about my gluten intolerance (about three years ago), my GI doctor suggested I stay away from dairy and soy for while in order to let my intestines heal. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was consuming a lot of soymilk (processed) and low fat dairy (again processed). Well, about 4-6 months into my GF living, I decided to try to introduce dairy back in my diet.

My initial thought process was to of course buy low fat yogurt, cheese, etc. But after seeing how much my intestines had healed eating unprocessed natural foods, I decided to keep it going. Meaning, I only bought food in its natural state. Full Fat and all! Full fat cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, eggs (no egg whites), etc.

“The fat or cream in whole milk is part of the milk product. When the cream is removed milk now becomes a processed food. In order for our bodies to digest food, certain elements must be present.” source

P1010016 P1010017
As I slowly added these foods back into my diet, I started to notice something. I FELT NOURISHED! And with no stomach discomfort at all. Now, you have to consider the portions sizes. I didn’t jump back into my bowls full of yogurt. I usually went by the suggested serving size, around half a cup. Does that seem small? HECK YA! But trust me, a little goes a long way when you have all those good calories and nutrients full of flavor.

So you maybe be wondering…….why so thrilled about Full Fat? What's the deal?  Everyone knows what foods make them feel the best, so please consider that. I’m telling you hoe MY body benefited and HOW this diet change worked FOR ME!
  • Full fat means higher nutrient content (my immune system was HAPPY!!)
  • Full fat means savoring more flavor.
  • Full fat means lower lactose and happier belly (for my belly at least).
  • Full fat means –”regular consumption of medium chain fatty acids (full-fat milk and dairy products,cheese, and yoghurt) can have a positive effect on metabolic syndrome, a condition associated with type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes and obesity while reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack by two thirds” source
  • Full fat means keeping things real….natural.
Again, I’m not telling you to go buy a pint of cream and drink it like milk. no no. All in moderation here remember? But I am telling you that dairy fat,  in its natural state, can be a good thing. Thats if your not allergic to dairy (sorry sarena ).

My favorite ways “Fatten up” (the good way!)
as a granola and fruit topping
mixed in a good soup to make it creamy (spicy pumpkin )
a creamy addition to my Gluten Free Spinach Boats
and my favorite… a summer time treat. Homemade REAL ice cream!
ice cream
Now all that being said, I still make dairy free treats along with my gluten free treats. I enjoy them! It’s all about what makes you FEEL your best. And that can mean a VARIETY of things.

Does that mean I never buy low fat? Of course not, certain brands don't even carry full fat. I still think they taste pretty creamy. I'll buy those very now and then too. I just like to make sure most of the main ingredients are natural and unprocessed. Ya know?

Are you a fan of full fat? What makes you FEEL the best?

Have a “PHAT” Friday.
(ha-ha, I just had to!)

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