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crazy night

Posted Nov 14 2012 9:30am

It’s Wednesday! I feel like the week is flying by and I think it has something to do with having off on Monday!

Yesterday was a busy one at work and I literally ran out the door to make it to the 5:30 PM CrossFit class.

Yesterday’s WOD was a great reinforcement that I am getting stronger.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

“The Other Total”

After warming up with each movement, three attempts to reach your 1RM (or 3RM for newbies)

Clean – 75lbs (previous PR 55lbs)
Floor Press – 65lbs (previous PR 35lbs)
Overhead Squat – 50lbs (previous PR 35lbs)

Buy-Out: 15 Wall Climbs 

I am not sure if you can call what I did Wall Climbs. They where not pretty; I literally could not move my hands back once I was on the wall; It’s like my hands became led.

Does anyone else have this problem? Tips?

After CrossFit things got a little crazy. I took the subway uptown to my apartment building and entered the mailroom to check my mailbox only to realize I couldn’t find my keys. After ripping my bag apart  I thought I left my keys at CrossFIt. I called CrossFit and they said my keys weren’t there.

I talked to my doorman and he told me he would give me the spare key and a “warning”. I took the spare key upstairs and the door would not open. I eventually talked my doorman into trying to open it with the spare key and it would not work for him either. He called my super who was at his child’s school and could not be in the building for another hour or so and it would cost me $80. An hour or so later my super let me into my apartment building but I still had no idea where my keys where.

After tearing apartment my bag again I realized my lulu bag had a hole in it and my keys fell into the lining. Basically I had my keys the whole time and I spent an unnecessary $80.

Have you ever lost your keys?


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