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Posted Sep 17 2012 11:24am

Today I thought I’d be giving you all a full update on my first weekend at yoga teacher training.

Here’s a crazy story:

Saturday morning I wake up and make myself and Ella new and improved banana pancakes . I took Jessica’s suggestion and added ground flax. Oh Em Gee. They hold together and flip better too. I actually bulked it all up and did 3 eggs, and 2 1/2 Tablespoons ground flax, 1 1/2 bananas with vanilla and cinnamon so we could split them. Ella also got her hemp seed muffin with sunbutter and some orange slices. She loves those.


After breakfast I packed all of my stuff, packed Ella’s lunch because my mom wanted to bring her to an outdoor festival while I was at teacher training (and Mike went the gym/ ran errands).

I’ve been anxious about going into the city since I signed up for the training. I hate 76. The drivers are crazy, there’s always traffic, ALWAYS accidents, and I just don’t like the road. I thought I’d take another way but many people advices not to (because I’d be driving through 20 blocks of a really bad neighborhood). I thought maybe I’d take the train—but didn’t know where I’d be walking through.

76 was the best choice, and I wanted to leave really early. Michael was laughing at me telling me that I was going to be an hour early. He advise me to leave at 11am to make it there by noon. I was concerned with parking and traffic so I left at 10:45. I had KYW (news radio) on low. Mike’s nav on high so I wouldn’t have to look at it while I drove (his car). I wanted to take Mike’s Honda instead of my SUV since it’s better on gas and easier to park. I’m driving along on 76, making great time. Traffic isn’t bad but the drivers are a little crazy.

Next thing I know, I have plenty of room in front of me…I’m staying away from the stop and speed drivers..but suddenly…my foot is slamming on the brakes to avoid an accident that suddenly, in a split second that happened in front of me. It all happened so fast…my car is skidding….the airbag deploys….I’m shaking. And crying. And screaming.

A passer by yelled to me asking if I was okay. Obviously I wasn’t because I was shaking so bad and the airbag was in my face. This guy was my hero. He pulled over, brought me water, took my keys out because fluid was leaking. The entire front end of the car was smashed in. Mike said yesterday he wished one of us would have gotten a photo of his Honda.

Here I was, on 76, the cause of the traffic. People were yelling how bad we sucked (gotta love Philly), and I’m having a post-crash panic attack with three strangers consoling me.

Needless to say I never made it to my yoga teacher training this weekend.

Here’s the positives:

  • Ella was not in the car
  • No one was seriously injured
  • I’m still here
  • I’m relatively okay, aside from not being able to really move my neck, a sore foot and a sore wrist

It was a surreal experience and one that made me think…a lot. I’m not being dramatic when I say in the moment, when my brakes were not locking and my car was skidding that my life kind of flashed before my eyes. I’m extremely, incredibly, and unbelievably lucky that it wasn’t worse. It could have been so much worse.


I’ve been spending the weekend with ice, biofreeze, my foam roller and electronic massagers. I am hoping to get in with my chiropractor today or tomorrow to get more of an idea of what’s going on.

Just from working in the field, especially years ago when we worked with a lot of car accident cases, I was freaking out a bit. I have seen people sustain worse injuries from less impact and it makes me appreciate my body and what it can do even more.

Every time I want to bitch about how inconvenient it is I remind myself of how much worse it could have been and how lucky I am. I keep running through the “what ifs.” What is I left at 11 like Mike said?  What if I had taken the train like my sister in law suggested? What if I swerved and my car flipped over? What if another car hit me?  What if I’d taken my car? What if Ella was in the car?” I need to stop saying the “what ifs” and remind myself of what it was– and just keep hugging my daughter.

I wish I could let that guy know who stopped to help us (while others were yelling we sucked for holding up traffic) just how much his chivalry was appreciated. True humanity, I was really touched by it and hope he knows that in my moment of having a complete break down that he brought me some comfort.


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