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Crabs Melts

Posted Feb 01 2013 8:50am


OK think quick!

what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say Baltimore?

Crabs, right? Or maybe you shouted out RAVENS football! Both are totally acceptable. I’m going to ignore those of you who mumbled something about high violence rates, boarded up houses, and the Wire.


If you didn’t know it’s the Super Bowl on Sunday AND the Ravens are playing in it. Whaaaaa?? Seriously Baltimore is freaking the f*$& out right now. People are going nuts and covering themselves in purple paint, kids are spray painting their hair purple, babies are requesting purple milk, dogs are trying to imitate Ray Lewis dances in the streets, and cats…well they are still being lazy bums.

ANYways all of that is to say you need an awesome Baltimore-rific appetizer to bring to your Super Bowl party! These little melty cheesy numbers are it. I mean they combine crab, butter, cheese, mayo, and Old Bay.

My little Baltimore heart just went pitter-pat.




If Ray Lewis were to magically appear in your living room (he has those powers) he would request these bad boys. He would be all teary eyed thanking God that crabs were ever created and that someone (aka YOU!) had the glorious idea that crab should be covered in cheese AND butter AND Old Bay! You would CAWWWW and rejoice to the high heavens together! Then a quick a slide to the left, a slide to the right, a wiggle of the legs, a thrust of the pelvis, a puff of his chest, and a roar – BAM you just did the Ray Lewis dance !



Double package of English muffins
1 lb. crab meat – you can use back fin – doesn’t have to be lump)
1.5 sticks butter
2 jars spreadable cheese (I used WisPride sharp cheddar and Vermont cheddar)
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
.5 tablespoon Old Bay
Few dashes of garlic powder

1. Mix all the ingredients. Make sure butter and cheeses are room temperature. I softened mine a bit in the microwave to make it easier for mixing.
2. Cut muffins in half. Spread mixture on top each muffin.
3. Put on cookie sheet and freeze.
4. After they are frozen, put in Ziploc baggies and keep frozen.
5. To heat up, put under the broiler for 5 minutes or until the cheese melts.

Makes 48 approximately.


You can thank me when you get to spend the rest of your living days hanging out with #52 during his retirement years. I just ask that you thank the little people who kindly gave you this recipe.


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