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Coupons Make My Heart Soar

Posted Apr 11 2013 12:34pm

Fact: Sweets taste better when they’re free. Most of anything tastes better when I don’t have to spend any of my hard earned cash money on them, but sweets are the top dog in this playing field.

I’ve been daydreaming about being a contestant (is this what I’d call myself?) on Extreme Couponing . While I don’t have the patience or the brain capacity to do all the work that goes into couponing, watching other people coupon is extremely fascinating. I may never have a stockpile the size of the Taj Mahal, but I do my part in couponing for civilians.

20130411-083101 I was lucky enough to be born with sticky fingers, and while at VegFest a few weeks ago I snagged a “few” extra BOGO donut coupons. Six to be exact. I used four coupons last weekend, which gave me four free donuts.

20130411-083117 20130411-083125 *One maple bar was consumed prior to the picture taking. Donuts wait for no one.

These bangin beauties are from Mighty-O Donuts in Seattle. Only the best vegan donuts around the sound. Let’s do some math now. I spent a total of $3.78 on four donuts (Manfriend bought the other four making our total eight, but for the sake of numbers we will only count the ones I paid for.) Remember when I said all the lost change I found with my coin counter would go towards donuts? Well I wasn’t joking. I’ve found a total of $2.19 thus far, subtract that from my whopping total and I payed: $1.59 for four donuts. Oh sweet victory is mine.

I wish I could say the sugar faeries stopped dancing in my brain after I bought these donuts, but that would be a terrible lie. While in Seattle, I do it big. Both Manfriend and I had coupons for a free dessert at Veggie Grill . The donuts were packed safely for later and along with a delicious comfort meal, we had two desserts at no cost to us.

20130411-083149 20130411-083142 Damn if feels good to be a gangsta  couponer.

For all health purposes I feel inclined to tell you the only thing I ate this day was half of that carrot cake. I saved my donuts for the days to follow, and I still haven’t touched my half of the cookie. As much as I’d like to go into a sugar coma by eating everything in one sitting, I just can’t. Manfriend finished his four donuts and his half of the cookie in less than two days. I aspire to be like him someday, without the body hair and boy smell. <3

If anyone would like to pay me large heaps of money, I will teach you my frugal ways. I also still have two donut coupons for anyone that wants to chat over coffee and sugar!

Q: Do you ever use coupons? 


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