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Countdown to...progress?

Posted Apr 22 2009 3:10pm 1 Comment

I have but two more days until my quarterly Dr's appt.  They had me get blood work done...12 hours of fasting.  Wow, I was so hungry by the time I had gotten home.  I have no doubts they will see better results with my glucose, triglycerides, HDL & LDL's.  Why so confident you ask?  Well, for starters, I've been increasing my physical activity from 3 days/week to now 6 days.  I've been averaging well over 11,000 steps daily (except on Sundays), eating healthier and less and my glucose levels have dropped in half on average. 

I haven't checked my weight but that's not what I'm really gunning for now because of the increased activity usually comes with increased muscle mass.  I do know my clothes are fitting more loosely...after 2 weeks, an inch dropped off the hips but I'll check the rest over the weekend.

I love the cross training aspect of my workouts...Indoor cycling (Spinning), Samba beat (dance) and interval Walk/Running.  The one thing I'm really missing is the Strength training aspect.  THAT will be included.  I'm sure I'd have more results.  I have found so many different resources here on BeWell and from previous classes I have taken.  Now I need to get it figured out and do it.

In 2-3 weeks, I will get my next Physical Assessment through the BeWell program.   Last year was very embarrassing because I didn't complete the full 5 min cardio portion.  My legs (quads) cramped severely and that was a major disappointment.  Of course, the fact that this young (male) student doing my assessment used the fat calipers on me...big blow to the EGO.  ha!

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Hey Misty:

Great job.  I too am having bloodwork done this week and hoping for a better outcome than in the past.  I was diagnosed with Diabetes Sept of 2007, so that got me off my rear and on the fitness track.  I'm hoping to have eliminated it by now.

I've had three physical assessments and one thing I've found is it depends on who's using the calipers the results vary.  I put more value in the other parts of the assessment.

Last night I swam 40 25 yard laps, first time out this season...tonight I'm hoping to double that.  It will be a little over a mile if I do that. 

Kudos for all you're doing to be fit. 

Best of luck,


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