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Correct known mistakes in the swine flu

Posted Jul 09 2010 12:00am

These are correct known mistakes;

1. Pigs are a source of avian influenza H1N1
Contrary to the name of the disease, the virus pork from pigs or eat because it is impossible to grasp. To be infected with the exercise of the rights to contact with animals on the island or to breathe the same air.

2. H1N1 flu is a necessity not a diagnostic test
This disease can be diagnosed certainly not been tested for the disease. And the spread of the disease is not recognized in the period to test for the laboratory diagnosis is not required. But now is diagnosed with the disease was, and began to spread everywhere, because this requirement does not need to.

swine flu Correct known mistakes in the swine flu


3. It should be the disease, the suspected, physicians should
Complaints of patients  for the doctor to be able to reduce the fever is a simple solution is needed. Can not be reduced to a fever, cough and breathing difficulties are experienced when I was a doctor.

4. Risk should be admitted to hospital with symptoms
On suspicion of disease was initially not a hospital, clinic and health. The doctors who work here, and, if necessary, refer the patient to the hospital for hospitals and are therefore not before stacking.

5. Antiviral drugs should be used to protect against disease
World Health Organization (WHO), antiviral drugs and for monitoring the disease, only high-risk individuals should be used for those who have indicated that they do not recommend the use of protective effects.

6. Who died because the H1N1 influenza is not dangerous to humans who come into contact
The latest mouth and nose secretions, relatives and the risk of their components can be washed. However, dead and wrapped in a protective cover during the funeral, in the sense of people that’s afraid of a risk is not a problem.

7. Everyone looks the same symptoms
Usually show signs of disease but a common feature of all is the same clock. For example, most important indicator of influenza in children and the elderly, such as fever can not be adopted.

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