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Corn, Corn Everywhere

Posted Sep 19 2010 2:48pm
I just watched the movie KING CORN over the weekend-and it just reiterates what I've been reading in books and blogs about the negative affects of industrial corn; mainly that it is most likely the leader in the cause of obesity and other health problems in the western world. I highly recommend watching this movie! It will change your view of corn forever. The simple explanation is the fact that corn is very high in omega 6-and since it used in EVERYTHING from breads, to mixes, to sauces, sodas, cookies, to feed beef, fish, chickens...etc-the western diet ends up with an out of whack over the top amount of omega 6 compared to Omega 3-and in a nutshell this imbalance leads to obesity. I'm really over simplifying it-there is allot of science to it. Michael Pollan does an excellent job of explaining this in THE OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA (also highly recommended!).

I swiped the following video from THE FOOD RENEGADE  .  It's a quick and informative watch! The main source of info for this little video is  The Omnivores' Dilemma. Trust me...after watching this video, you will be going to your cupboards and realise that corn is in everything, and you will probably want to research it even more.

RFNH Corn Corn Everywhere Corn from FoodRenegade on Vimeo .

Ciao for now!
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