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Core Fusion Boot Camp Review

Posted Jan 21 2011 12:00am

I am very excited to review my newest workout video: Exhale Core Fusion Boot Camp.

I now own three of the CF videos: Core Fusion Body Sculpt ( review ), Core Fusion Energy Flow ( mini review ) and obviously, Boot Camp .

Boot Camp is my favorite of the three.  As soon as I finished it, I wanted to do it again, so I have done it twice in 3 days with a 6 week 6 pack level 2  and elliptical session thrown in as well. 

The video follows the format of the other CF videos– it is divided into five 10 minute segments.  In addition, there is a stretch section and two bonus segments: core and thighs.  So it’s a pretty good bang for your buck. (If you’re into that kind of thing.)

The segments go a little something like this:

Cardio Flex

This is basically a gentle warm up and stretches.  The first half is pretty slow and there is not much real cardio, but the second half picks it up a bit with some more challenging squats and holds.  There is a lot more stretching than your typical warm up, but since I avoid stretching like the plague, it’s good to be forced into right in the beginning.

Cardio Sun Salutations

This section reflects the kind of yoga I love and crave.  It’s fast, it’s flowing, and it’s repetitive enough to allow you to lose yourself in concentration just enough to make it seem like yoga.

You repeat the sun salutation several times before switching it up with a squat/strength/balance mini break, then you do the second set of slightly different version of the sun salutation and another mini  squat break, finish with  and a final variation of sun salutations and one more standing mini series.  It’s fun and different, and it has just the right combo of om, stretch and sweat.

Jump Backs 1 and 2

The two jump back segments are pretty similar.  The are both based around jumpbacks-in case that wasn’t clear :)   Jumpbacks are done in six counts and repeated six times, there are 3 sets in the series.  Jumpbacks are like burpees, except done with a ball.  Lift ball over head, crouch and place ball on floor, jump into plank, jump back into crouch, move up to squat hold and stand.  repeat.

Each jumpback set concludes with a  plank and then set of push ups with one hand on the ball.  The beauty is that you only do five push ups each side, so even I can handle the real push ups.  By the end of the workout, you have done 60 push ups, but it never seems unbearable.  Don’t get me wrong, 5 is my limit at one time now, but at least that’s all they are asking.  After the push ups there is a squat series and a few other moves, then back to jumpbacks.

Abdominal Curl

I think the ab section in the Core Fusion Body Sculpt video is arguably one of the hardest 10 minutes of ab work you could ever hope to happen upon.  The Boot Camp ab section is also super intense, boy do you feel it with three pound weights for added resistance.

The great thing about all of these segments is that you know you only have to get through 10 minutes and you are on to the next thing.

While I think Body Sculpt is effective for toning purposes, I like that this video really ups the cardio.  It doesn’t hone in on the legs and arms as much, but it’s fun and it flows.  You do have a decent number of push ups and planks for the arms. And my legs did burn during a few of the squat holds, so there is some arm/leg work in there after all. :)

While I have been using this in conjunction with 6 weeks to 6 pack, I noticed that I was definitely sore in the tummy as I tried to get through the ab section on my second run through the DVD, so that’s a good sign. 

I highly recommend this video. I haven’t tried the bonus sections, but the glute work is a great addition to round out the workout.


I also just noticed that you can get The Core Fusion Collection , which is 1 video that has 15 (!!!) 10 Minute Workout Segments!  Holy overachiever!

It contains:

  • Body Sculpt
  • Pilates Plus
  • Glutes and Thighs

I haven’t done the second two, but it’s a great value at just under $19!

I know that not everyone is workout DVD fan, so here are some in person options:

The Steal:

Core Fusion Week of Transformation -which I mentioned as a best fitness deal !


  • unlimited core and yoga classes
  • $20 gift towards select spa therapies
  • 10% off retail purchases
  • complimentary organic tea
  • complimentary use of changing rooms and amenities


Or the SPLURGE! 



A five day getaway to the Bahamas with Physique 57 classes, $300 for food, plus a dinner catered by Jean-Georges? Not to mention spa gift certificates and more.  Honestly, you could do worse for $1450!

Book your Physique 57 Ocean Club getaway here .

If Physique needs a blogger to review the Ocean Club, I can make myself available!

The new set of Physique 57 workout videos are next on my wish list.

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