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Coping with the Cold

Posted Jan 05 2012 6:28am

Chimney's - December 2010

Chimney's - December 2010

Winter is definitely upon us. Some of our area schools were even on a delay or closed this week. It would be very easy to just get under the covers and come out around April. Instead there is work to be done, working out to be done, and life goes on. Here are a few way I make it through the cold winter months:

  • Knowing I DON”T have to workout in the cold if I don’t want to. Thankfully I have an elliptical at home and belong to a gym. But maybe you don’t have those things. Many malls allow walkers in before opening – definitely a way to stay warm. Walk in place in front of your TV.
  • Planning something fun each day – even for just 10 minutes. The gym I belong to has a hydromassage bed. Each session is 10 minutes. Fabulous massage and you get to keep your clothes on. The fun could be chatting with a friend, playing Angry Birds, or watching your favorite show. Just do something you want every day.
  • As I have mentioned before, my workout routine is currently being scheduled by my online personal trainer, Tina . It is really kind of nice having it all planned out for me. In the summer, we are more apt to be spontaneous and take off on our bikes, but having my workouts planned for me during the winter is definitely helping me get it done.
  • Tons of quilts and fuzzy socks. No need to be cold at home (and we don’t set the thermostat above 68). Put on some fuzzy socks, get under the quilts, and read a book.
  • Knowing that summer will soon be here and everyone will be complaining about the heat. Not me, I would rather have cold than heat. Now, I don’t want snow and ice, but the cold is okay (for a while).
  • Read. If you have an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Kindle Fire, etc. you can get the Kindle App for free from Amazon. Did you know they offer tons of free books ?
  • Allow myself to NOT plan something for every evening. During the cold months, I like being at home and that’s okay.

Today’s talking point: What do you do to cope with the cold?

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