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Coopenese & Grill Skillz

Posted May 21 2012 2:17pm
Coach loves to grill. He finds it a stress reliever after a weekend baseball series, and Cooper and I reap the rewards. Vegetarians be warned.

Get in mah belly!

Turkey burger piled high with spinach, half an avocado, and a sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon. Hit the spot!

I feel a sense of accomplishment whenever spinach is included in a meal.

Our bodies are smart. When we are working out hard, it's no coincidence that we in turn crave healthy, nutrient dense foods.

Coach enjoying pork chops and a sweet potato. Even though we have a small dining table, we always use the kitchen counter and bar stools.

His meal must be tasty because someone else wants in on the action.

Puhleeeze Daddy?!

Coach gave in. How can you not love Cooper's furry, wittle face?

Do you talk to your pets? I talk to Cooper all the time (in my special voice). Coach calls our language Coopenese.

Here's a short sample. He talks back too!

This weekend the weather was pleasant on the Palouse. I can't remember watching a home baseball game in a t-shirt in the 3 seasons we've been here.

And, my dear friend Harmony and her husband were honored at the field this weekend. You may remember he is battling cancer and his last scan was clear, so thank you for your prayers!

Saturday's game vs. No. 20 Oregon State was uber exciting. Here's the scenario
Bottom of the ninth inning.
Score tied 5-5.
Base loaded.
2 outs.
Freshman catcher, P.J. Jones up to bat.
Ball one.
Second pitch delivered and it looks like it could be...

Do you eat all your meals at the dining table? (see above)

What's your favorite Sunday activity?
- Savoring time with Coach. I know summer is coming fast, which means he's on the road recruiting.
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