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Cooking With Eggland’s Best!

Posted Jun 24 2010 9:14am

Last night I was invited to attend a cooking event hosted by Eggland’s Best . I was very excited when I received this email:

Eggland’s Best (EB) invites you to an exclusive NYC-area food blogger cooking event at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) led by Chef Erica Wides ( and recent contestant on the Food Network’s hit show “Chopped”).

This will be a fun opportunity to create seasonal meals with the freshest locally grown summer foods and America’s No. 1 branded egg, using recipes that were developed exclusively by Chef Erica. You will have a chance to hone your culinary skills and pick up a few helpful tips throughout the evening.

The event is also an opportunity to meet and interact with fellow NYC-area food bloggers, as well as learn what gives EB eggs their award-winning taste and better nutrition. We hope to see you there!

I went to an amazing Eggland’s Best event last year where we were served the most delicious omelets! This year sounded like it would be a little more interactive since we would be doing the cooking ourselves! I am not a very good cook so I could not wait to learn how to make something fancy!

I arrived at the Culinary Institute of Education  and was greeted by some nice employees from Eggland’s Best. I was also told to help myself to any drink of my choice! Oh yeah.

I went with some white wine. Turns out we were able to drink unlimited wine the entire night. Every time my glass got half full, the bartender creeped up right behind me and filled my glass back up. My kind of bartender :)

We had some time to mingle with other bloggers. I have a lot of new blogs to check out now! They also walked around with some delicious appetizers. Everything was made with egg obviously!

The first appetizer was tiny baked truffled egg custards with gruyere and chives, garnished with American black caviar.

A bit too fishy for me! The next appetizer was amazing though!

Japanese egg “tamago yaki” maki rolls with shrimp and edamame puree (like a sushi roll, with an egg wrapper). Yummm.

The final one I tried was:Crostini with Serrano ham, smoked pimenton-deviled egg and roasted red peppers. Very good!

After chatting and drinking several glasses of wine, we all gathered around to hear about what we would be cooking. Charlie Lanktree, the CEO of Eggland’s Best spoke first.

Next Chef Erica Wides spoke a little more about cooking with eggs. She told us that we would be split into 3 stations. We had the choice of making salad, the main course, or dessert.

We entered the room where we would be cooking and eating. We were told we could continue drinking while cooking. I was a very happy girl.

We even got to dress the part!

I went with the salad station just because it was the first one I saw! I probably should have went with the dessert or main course station so that I could learn something new. Oh well! It was great to see some familiar faces at the event!

Megan from Runners Kitchen ,  Amie from The Healthy Apple , Me, and Ashley from Healthy Happier Bear .  Hmm..everyone else is holding asparagus. I have a knife in one hand and wine in the other. Watch out.

My job was to shred the carrots! I think this was the safest task being that I had 4 glasses of wine by this point. Amie and I enjoyed snacking on the raw asparagus.

The guy across from me had to cut the duck into tiny pieces. Glad I didn’t get stuck with that task!

By the time I was done shredding my carrots, I decided it would be a smart idea to stay away from anymore knives. I went over to the dessert station to see what they were making.

You will have to wait till later to see the end result. Next I walked over to the lasagna station!

The lasagna makers definitely worked the hardest out of everyone! They were very determined. It looked like fun playing with the dough!

I chatted with the CEO for a while.

Finally dinner was served!

First course: Warm salad of asparagus, radishes, morels, baby carrots and sugar snap peas, with slivers of duck prosciutto, toasted walnuts, and a white wine-poached egg, with champagne vinaigrette.

I loved the salad! I think it was my favorite course! I would love to recreate this at home!

More wine….

Main course: Crab and lobster ravioli, with fresh peas, fennel, leeks, golden beets, saffron and chives in a lobster broth with prosecco sabayon (like a hollandaise, but lighter and foamier)

This was delicious too! The lobster broth was very flavorful and of course the raviolis were wonderful!

And more wine….

Random picture of an egg? Interesting.

Dessert!! Individual lemon pudding soufflés with mixed berries and rhubarb coulis.

I loved the dessert from what I can remember! There were also meringue cookies. I realized this morning that I took a lot of cookies to go! I’m kind of happy I forgot about them when I got home last night!

We got an amazing goodie bag at the end of the event!

I can’t wait to try my new egg slicer!

My favorite part of the gift bag….a new egg toy! Now Buddy has a friend! (Yes, I got Buddy at last year’s event and became slightly obsessed with him).

It was such a fun event and always great to meet new bloggers. We had the quite the feast! Thank you to Eggland’s Best for inviting me!

Tonight is my first 3 mile race. Wish me luck!

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