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Cooking For Extra Goodness

Posted Sep 11 2009 10:22pm

Le Defil�© des Soldats Rouges

As we know certain foods are packed with anti-oxidants and disease busting components even when raw but what many of us don’t know is hot to maximise food natural benefits through cooking.

Cooking Vegetables

Vegetables such as Onion and Garlic contain a substance called Allium which has amazing anti-cancer properties but these are not utilised to full effect unless done properly. In order to maximise their potential make sure you leave them to sit for at least 10 minuted before pan frying or adding to a dish. This allows the enzymes that are normally killed off by cooking to survive and pass on the benefit to you!

The same goes for Cruciferous vegetables like; Broccoli, Rocket, Pak-Choi and Cauliflower. Cooking these vegetables releases their abundant stores of Myrosinaise which is another potent anti-estrogenic and anti-cancer compound. Beware though these are destroyed through high heat thats why light steaming is a great way to cook these up. Otherwise chewing them very very well (when raw) gives the same effect but it can be tough on your gut and jaw….

So to get the best out of your food leave condiments like garlic, ginger and onions for 10 minutes before cooking. And lightly steam your Cruciferous vegetables before eating. This doesn’t apply so much to other vegetables like Zucchini, Peppers, Carrots etc which can be roast or cooked at high temperatures without destroying their health properties.

The best way to Steam food simply and effectively is to pickup a Mushiki ( Click to See Pic ) they are JapaneseSteamers which are simple devices made of Bamboo. They are cheap and effective simply sitting on top of a hob filled with boiling water. They have several layers and allow you to steam all sorts of vegetables and fish quickly and easily and are a must for any minimalist healthy kitchen!

Cooking Meat

Carcinogens are a compound produced when meat is cooked, these can be pretty damaging to your body leaving you with cancer inducing substances to deal with. So how do we avoid these? Its pretty simple really and all it requires is a bit of what nature has provided us with.

When we add herbs and spices to our meat and fish like Rosmary, Sage, Olive Oil and Chilli’s they naturally work to protect the meat and block protection of carcinogens. This is pretty amazing and not only makes your food a lot more healthy but provides great taste. A useful tip is to keep a rub made out of:

  • Sage or Olive Oil
  • Oregano
  • Rosmary
  • Crushed Garlic
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Sea Salt and Pepper

Keep this mix in your fridge and rub some on your meat and fish before cooking. Alternatively you can add these herbs fresh right into your meat if your making things like Meat Loaf or Beef Burgers.

Another surprising tip I picked up is to drink Green Tea regularly and with meals. The stuff not only speeds up metabolism but helps your body excrete carcinogens.  I am not usually a fan of drinking with meals as it dilutes important enzymes, but hot drinks are different and a cup of tea with a meal will actually work to aid digestion. Try sipping or green tea throughout the afternoon and enjoying a cup with your lunch.

Just a quick and simple post which hopefully will give you some inspiration and ideas for your meals as well as benefiting your health in the Process.

It goes to show how kind nature has been to us providing the solutions to the so called problems with things like meat and fish being cooked. By simply preparing them in the right way these problems go out of the window and allow you to enjoy tasty and simple food!

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