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Cookies and running

Posted May 14 2013 12:00am

Really I feel like that’s all I have to tell you about. It’s been pretty boring around these parts lately (I will explain why later) and I find myself wandering around the house wasting my time on random things instead of being productive. Last night was researching haircuts for Thursday mornings’ appointment (kind in the mood to go curly a little more often) and tonight’s random adventure was cookie making.

See I had to go to Fred Meyer for stamps and suddenly when I was there I thought buying a bag of chocolate chips sounded like a great plan. After FM I came home, walked the dog, took out all 3 garbages, watered the plants, made dinner and baked the cookies all by 8!!! Pretty sure that’s record time. But here’s the thing, it’s 8:51 and I’m still bored. The cookies really didn’t do much besides taste delicious. There are tons of other things I could be doing right now – catching up on work, reading a book, folding laundry, playing with Chance … But I just can’t get motivated. Instead I’m sitting around the kitchen eating cookies and shopping Pinterest.

However I was at least productive on the workout front today. I managed to piece together 4 miles at lunch but they were not smooth. I went on a new route today which turned out to be about a mile shorter than I expected so I basically spent my last mile running awkwardly around my building’s business park. Do you guys ever do things like that? Run around just so you can hit your mileage?

And because this post is full of randomness, lets add a couple more. Tell me which hair cut is your favorite.





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