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Cookbook Winner & Healthy Vegan Recipes

Posted Nov 02 2012 7:31pm

Happy Friday! I am so late in publishing this post, it is already late afternoon now and I usually write my posts early in the morning. Today was one of those days where one thing led into another. I’ve found that I’m a lot more forgiving to myself lately, though, and less of a perfectionist overall. There is definitely some truth in the saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

In fact, since I’ve gotten through what I hope is the worst of the , I find myself making mental lists of things I am grateful for every day. Already today, I woke up feeling refreshed and rested, I had the opportunity to make Alan a batch of hot oatmeal for breakfast, I cooked a giant vat of beans, I went walking on a glorious sunny day with a dear friend, I had lunch with Alan and some of his family members who happened to be in town, I got to walk around the downtown area where I live and I am awaiting the arrival of my little sister who flew down from Seattle to spend the weekend with me. I am so, so lucky!!!

I can’t believe how many people entered to win the Vegan for the Holidays cookbook this week. The random number generator selected comment 72, Kristie R., who said:

“I’ve been following you on Instagram for so long and never realized you had a blog!

Anywho, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving because my little brother comes home from school and I miss him tons! I love when the family is all together! Also, while I’m not vegan or vegetarian, I really try to incorporate more plant based foods in my diet and holiday dinners are perfect for getting them in my family’s diet.”

Congrats, Kristie!

I’m sorry if you didn’t win this giveaway, but I promise to do more in the future, I already have one in mind.

I alluded to some news I had regarding healthy, vegan recipes in my post on Wednesday , and the news is that the recipe app I’ve been working on for the past 6 months was submitted to Apple this week. I talked about the app in this post , but it is essentially the best of my whole food, vegan recipes in a super cool format for iPhones and iPads:

It will cost $1.99 through iTunes and it offers some awesome features like a shopping list and easily sortable categories including gluten-free, no sugar added, kid-friendly, slow-cooker, etc. It’s really cool!!! I created a website for it, too, you can check it out here . I will definitely let you know when it’s approved and ready to be purchased; it is a dream come true for me to have a project like this.

Also, I wanted to follow up on something I wrote in my last post about steaming kale. I had a reader e-mail me about the best way to do this, so here’s a quick tutorial. For a long time, I used to steam vegetables in the microwave. I still think this is a convenient method, but I’ve found that the veggies, especially greens, seem to be more tender and less likely to be overcooked when they are steamed on the stovetop. To do so, I use a big pot like this one:

This particular pot came with a stainless steel steamer basket:

You can buy a basket like this one at most stores, too. The baskets usually have little feet to keep them off of the boiling water at the bottom of the pot:

I start by adding just enough water to the pot to bring to a boil, but not so much water that it seeps into the basket which would boil away some of the nutrients from the vegetables. After the water is boiling, I add one bunch of kale (washed and torn from their stems) to the steamer basket and put it into the bigger pot:

I usually drop the temperature on the stove to medium-low at this point and set a timer for 3 minutes. The kale should be bright green and wilted when it’s ready:

That’s it! I made this again last night and served it with some water-sauteed leeks, garbanzos and red onion:

I drizzled some tamari on top for flavor:

This is such a simple dinner that I find satisfying and flavorful. I saved some of my fat calories for a fresh batch of Spinach & Black Bean Brownies that I had for dessert, but otherwise I would have served this kale dish with a cashew cream sauce or some tahini.

While we’re on the topic of vegan recipes, today is another edition of Healthy Vegan Fridays ! Here are the top 3 recipes from last week:

1. 8 Best Vegan Blogs  from Katherine @ Green Thickies

2. Quinoa Falafel with a Cheezy Broccoli  from Janet @ the taste space

3. Green Chia Microwave Bread  from @ Living Learning Eating

Yay, good stuff!

Please enter your favorite recipe using the link below this post. I love that we share our favorite recipes every week.

Have a safe, healthy weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!


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