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Consistency Killed the Swine

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:28pm

Even with the onset of summer the H1N1 virus is still claiming lives and spreading fear through our televisions and newspapers. Our very own VP told us that he wouldn’t take public transportation in fear of being coughed on and catching the flu, even though millions of Americans rely on subways, buses and trains to commute to work daily. The media has missed a major point that needs to be addressed. You cannot “catch” the flu (swine, bird, or even the common cold) unless your body’s immune system is weakened. So what can we do to boost our immunity which is responsible for fighting off viruses, bacteria, and even cancerous cells? A mini lesson in immune anatomy is probably a good first step. So here goes:

Lymph What?
The lymphatic system makes up 1/6th of our entire body. There is more lymph in our body than blood. Lymph is the fluid that sits in between our cells and acts as the sewage system collecting waste and debris. It moves through the lymphatic vessels to the lymph nodes where it is filtered. Exercise, massage and a healthy alkaline diet help move lymph through the body efficiently.

Thymus Who?
Thymus sits below your thyroid and above your heart and is the mediator of the whole immune system. The thymus produces T lymphocytes which are white blood cells that are responsible for cell mediated immunity which helps resist infections by bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites and viruses.

The Mean Spleen
The spleen's functions include: producing white blood cells; engulfing and destroying bacteria and cellular debris; and destroying worn-out red blood cells and platelets.

There is no single magic bullet to boost your immune system. This system works only holistically to combat its relentless attackers. It’s fuel must combine all of the following: a healthy diet, lifestyle, mindset, exercise program, and nutritional supplementation when needed. Can you guess what the most important ingredient of this wellness soup is?....... CONSISTENCY.

In order to be successful at anything in life you have to be consistent. Your state of health and the immune system are no exception to this universal rule. Lance Armstrong didn’t win his races and beat cancer from skipping workouts and eating junk food. Bruce Lee wasn’t one of the greatest fighters because he sat on his couch and watched reality TV. Champions train every day. In general, we need to take greater responsibility for our health and not look to vaccines or pills to do the job for us. We need to train our bodies every day and nourish them with the proper fuels to do so. And lastly, we need to train our minds and spirits to deal with life’s challenges as if we were all champions.
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