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Considering Building a Home Gym? Keep the Following Ideas in Mind

Posted Jul 01 2012 11:00am

home gym

home gym Follow Me on Pinterest The convenience of having your own fitness equipment at home should surely be an incentive to start or improve your usual workout routine. Despite the initial cost of purchasing the home gym apparatus, it will surely benefit you in the long run if you no longer have to pay for a membership at your local gym.

Having sufficient space is obviously important if you wish to re-create the experience you gain from a professional gym, but having just the basic equipment can make for a valuable change to your health and fitness. For homeowners with a substantially sized garage however, this is commonly a well used space to utilize and turn into a fully functioning place to exercise.

Flooring is important wherever you may decide to set up your home gym. To maximize safety the best choice is to purchase specially designed mats that absorb shock. This will not only reduce the risk of damaging equipment, but also prove beneficial when performing exercises on the floor or lifting weights to protect joints.

The comfort of being in your own home environment is an incentive for many as there’s no pressure put on you from other exercisers so you can blissfully work at your own pace. You can play your music as loud as you wish for extra motivation, and you can get as red in the face as you please without being stared at by strangers!

Before purchasing your home gym equipment you need to have a clear understanding of what you want out of your exercise plan. Different equipment is obviously designed to improve the strength of different areas of the body and therefore your choice of apparatus will depend entirely on which you wish to work on.

Cardio The most commonly purchased home gym machines for cardio include the treadmill, the stationary bike, the rower and the stepper. Each one can be altered for low and high intensity workouts to suit a range of abilities from beginner to the most experienced. This also allows you to change the settings over time when you find your capabilities improving. These pieces of equipment are quite easily available and competitively priced – consider eBay or Craigslist if your budget is very limited. If you can’t have them set-up permanently, there are many which fold-up for storage.

Weight Lifters There are a wide range of facilities when it comes to lifting weights and the products you purchase all depend on your strength and skill. A weight bench is a key element to perform and the first piece of equipment to consider. Your choice then lies within buying dumbbells, adjustable barbells and a power rack. Free weights will allow you unlimited and unparalleled opportunity for progression as you can swap and change plates depending on how heavy you want them.

Multi gyms are an excellent alternative that combines all these accessories and offers dozens of different exercise options. You can also alter these depending on your ability and they are sure to provide a sturdy platform for any exerciser.

Dance Studio If weight lifting and treadmills leave you uninspired then why not convert your home gym space into a personal dance studio. You can work out using dance routines or even just dedicate the space to yoga and Pilates. You’ll need the appropriate mats for yoga and don’t forget those mirrored walls if you want to check out your dance moves!

Your Own Changing Room If you truly want to make your home gym a rather professional one then, save space for your own wet room complete with toilet and shower facilities. If you don’t live alone, this can be your own dedicated space and showering after a workout needn’t interfere with other family member’s hygiene routines. Loft and garage conversions are ideal for this, as they should provide you with enough space for your personal changing room!

About the Author: This article was written by Steph, on behalf of Bathshop321. Bathshop321 provides that can make a perfect addition to your home gym’s hygiene facilities.

This post is the property of Kodjoworkout blog where you can find hundreds of home workouts designed to get you in shape fast!

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