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Conscious Thoughts on Subconscious Thoughts

Posted Sep 07 2009 11:00pm


Sometimes when we see someone exhibit behavior which is destructive to a relationship or undermines a job interview, etc we poke at the possibility that on a subconscious level the person really wanted the relationship to fail or that they really did not want to win the job they were interviewing for.

There are many who say that the majority of our actions are driven by subconscious thought, like the ice berg the thought that we are aware of is much smaller that that which lies beneath the surface.  What is the subconscious, by definition it is consciousness which lies below the consciousness. Webster’s defines subconscious as “existing in the mind but not immediately available to consciousness”. As I sit and comptemplate what is our subconscious I can’t help but believe that the way we use the subconscious as a way to explain or defend a person’s behavior is a cop out.

When we say that behavior is a result of subconscious thought we are then saying that behavior is due to a lack of awareness that is a lack of consciousness and in doing so we abdicate our responsibility for our actions and that which we create. . If it were true that we operate subconsciously for the most part then we have to ask where does subconscious thought come from and more importantly who or what is responsible for these subconscious thoughts?

Where do are thoughts come from? Do they just pop into our mind? Do we have no say as to when and what thoughts will come to us? Are we merely puppet heads that have no control over our thoughts?  Are we slaves to these unconscious thoughts? Short answer, I don’t think so!

I agree that we have thoughts which we are not conscious of, however the fact that we are conscious or not conscious of our thoughts is a matter of choosing to be aware, choosing to be awake and choosing to accept responsibility for all of our thoughts. Our thoughts are the first step in all creation. We are creators and we can choose to create from an unconscious level or we can choose to be fully aware of our thoughts and therefore fully aware of that which we create.

To be fully conscious is to truly “be”! To be fully conscious is to be fully accepting and responsible for each and every thought. Many people may read this and say that to be fully aware of each and every thought is too big, that it is not possible to be conscious of every thought, nor to be conscious of every impact of every thought? (The only argument that I accept on this is that thoughts which control our auto functions such as breathing, heart beating, etc are on auto function and we do not need to be conscious of these thoughts which keep the body alive). The magnitude of what I suggest may seem daunting for many, couple that with the mere thought of not having any excuses shakes the foundation of many. When we are unaware, it would seem that it is much easier to travel along our journey with the ability to make excuses for what we perceive as shortfalls and problems along the way. I suggest to you that on the surface this may seem like the easier path, however I am certain that this is the long and more complex path to take.

The path of complete awareness is much more efficient and is aligned with our authentic being. The interesting thing is that if you are fully aware of your thoughts and you take full responsibility for your thoughts and you are completely honest with yourself than you would find that there is no longer any need for any excuses in your life!

Shift from a subconscious driven life to a consciously lived life and your perspective changes to the point where you always know and understand your thoughts and therefore your actions (behavior) and in doing so you find that you don’t need to blame anyone or anything, not even your subconscious for what happens  or does not happen in your life.

When we become conscious of every thought then we begin to truly understand who we are and the life we create for ourselves. For example a person may enter a relationship with someone who is abusive towards them because on a subconscious level they do not feel worthy of love and therefore do feel worthy of abuse.  If the same person was conscious of their feelings of unworthiness of love and kindness then they could explore why they feel this way and then work to solve this feeling and shift their feeling of being unworthy of love and kindness to being worthy of love and kindness and therefore not enter or remain in an abusive relationship!  The change in consciousness is incredible. To live consciously is to live joyfully!

When we live on a conscious level then we take responsibility for all that we create and we become more adept at creating the life and world that we truly desire!

May you understand the greatness that you are the sacredness of your being by becoming fully conscious in every moment of your being!

Remember today that YOU ARE LOVE!

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