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Conscious Clubbing: Chocolate Club Amsterdam

Posted Feb 05 2012 6:55am

Little backup story. I started the whole clubbing/getting shit-faced drunk/hitting on everything standing on two legs scene when I was 14, so by the time college rolled around it didn’t take me long  to grow increasingly bored with it all. Add a few years of sobriety, not being single for almost half of my life and my love for a solid 8 hours of sleep and you can see why it is I hardly enjoy clubbing anymore. Somewhere along the way I kind of forgot how to, and I realize I don’t really mind at all.

Little problem though. I absolutely love to dance. Always have and always will. And I mean dance, not standing bobbing my head and looking around me. Eyes closed and all inhibitions gone dancing.

Last night I decided to finally check out Chocolate Club at Club Lite. I got invited last summer when I was asking around at the Noordermarkt for ‘really raw almonds’, lol. Yeah, go around saying shit like that and the raw foodies will flock around you in no time, ready to welcome you to the incrowd. It took me a few months to realize this was actually a legit and pretty awesome event.

It’s a raw chocolate dance party for pete’s sake, what on Earth kept me away for so long?

The Chocolate Club has been described in the media as: “No party drugs but a shot of raw cacao. No alcohol but healthy drinks. No fast food but living foods. A new way of partying is born! Being healthy is hip and conscious living is cool.”

Chocolate Club is a monthly club party free from smoking, drugs and alcohol and instead fueled by raw chocolate and other superfoods. Chocolate Club is an initiative by Mastercare , a leading raw and living foods organisation in Holland & The UK. This party and the club it is hosted in, Club Lite , are a unique experience due to several other factors as well. The theme is healthy and conscious clubbing. Parties start earlier in the evening (around 9PM) and end earlier in the night as well (around 2-3AM). Yay for no more sleeping your weekend away! Most people dance barefoot or on socks which is refreshingly liberating. And, all parties are accompanied by optional workshops or special dance events prior to the actual party.

(Chocolate Club, every first Saturday of the month, €10 entrance, app. €4,50 for a chocolate elixer)

So last night was my first raw chocolate party. Well, one that I didn’t host myself that is. I had a freakin fantastic time and was worth riding my bike through the snow for (yes, all 5 minutes. I am blessed to have this club around the corner!). The moment I walked in, I could tell this was it. This was different. People here are free, dance free.

It’s like walking into a secret underground society of blissed-out hippies.

For a long time I wondered if I was the only raw vegan hippie in Holland. Now I know there’s enough of ‘us’ to fill a club and have a sexy dance party. Just kidding, I doubt all are into the raw/vegan thing but at least everyone here is interested in holistic health, real food & spiritual living. Works for me!

I really loved the people and the atmosphere. I was so surprised to run into so many people I have seen around Amsterdam. Market people, Bikramites, raw cafe visitors and employees. For the first time in a long time I felt ‘home’ right here in Holland.

The club has a big dance area, many lounge areas, Fatboys overlooking the dance floor, a small restaurant (Chai Cafe) and another separate cozy lounge area. Trance-y deephouse and live bongos made for super beats that are great to dance to. Raw chocolate elixers, coconut water and other natural stimulaters and energizers are available at the bar, superfood sweats like a rich chocolate cake at the cafe. Treat yourself to a nice massage in the lounge area. Pretty lights and candles add to the special feel of the evening.

Club Lite also hosts other conscious clubbing parties like the weekly  Nataraj and Techno op Blote Voeten (barefoot techno). Check out the club agenda here . Club Lite / Chocolate Club really is the best discovery I have made in a long time.

Come and see me at the dance floor!

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