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Connecting with You: My Vision and Intention

Posted Mar 22 2012 3:00am

Like One of things that excited me about creating anamsong was a chance to talk to people about the connection between mind, body, emotions, and soul on a daily basis. I get to wade deep into the beautiful, spiritual, colorful world of soul – the place where truth and love lead the way and joy is in abundance. I get to go on a journey with people that may start here in the practical realm of physical pain or extra weight or self-doubt, but ends up in a magical and mystical place that heals on a much bigger level than you might think. The world of soul might be magical and mystical, but it’s no less useful or practical because of its less obvious, more subtle brushstrokes.

 As I brainstormed the new website, the new materials I was creating, and how I wanted my business to look and feel, I realized that I want to converse with you all, on a daily basis, about all of this. Body, mind, emotions, and soul. I want to create a giant conversation that brings the soul to the forefront of our conscious awareness, rather than just this nice thing that we ponder sometimes but that gets lost in daily life.

That’s why I started the anamsong Facebook page . I wanted a place where we can talk daily – about whatever you need. I can give you tips and tools to use, or concepts to think about, or just start a conversation. I can hear how things are going for you, where you’re confused, where you’re really aligned with your soul, and more. We can troubleshoot and we can celebrate, both.

I thought you should know my intention and my vision, so that you can join in if it feels fun and freeing to do so. You’re most certainly invited! Come hang out, hit the Like button, and share (or just take in the conversation). Do what serves you and your soul the most. Most of all, though, I look forward to talking with anyone who wants to talk about the magic of tuning into the soul, the journey of listening to the body, the power of feeling emotions, and the creative force of a soul-aligned mind.

See you over there!


Anamsong Facebook Page


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