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Posted Nov 06 2013 8:14pm

Before getting into my confessions, be sure to head over to enter to win one of Pavement Runner’s awesome shirts . The giveaway ends Thursday night at 11pm EST! It’s OK. I’ll wait for you before I start confessing.

All entered? Great. Here we go…

1. I had a green smoothie and tortilla chips for lunch yesterday. I haven’t had an appetite for vegetables lately so this counts, right?

2. I haven’t really exercised in about a week.

3. Sometimes I enjoy putting together Lego projects more than my kids.

4. I covet Olivia Pope’s wardrobe.

5. We don’t have cable and I often feel like I’m missing out on call the cool TV shows. Then again, I know that I don’t have time in my life right now for more TV (or really any?).

6. I’m finally reading Allegiant . I had to put it off for a week or so because I had my first test for teacher training. I knew that if I started reading it, I wouldn’t study. I find that I’m reading it really slowly because I don’t really want this trilogy to end.

7. I passed my test and am relieved, excited and proud. On the other hand, nervous anxiety is starting to build because I have my teaching final in two weeks.

8. I’ve been feeling extra old lately. Or maybe it’s just the perpetual dark circles and bags under my eyes.

9. I’m trying to cut back on coffee but I can’t give it up all together. PS I drink my coffee with whole milk.

10. I really love ice cream. And scones. Not necessarily together. But I do sometimes hide the ice cream from my husband and kids.

11. I went to see Justin Timberlake kick off his 20/20 tour last night.

What do you have to confess? Do you hide the ice cream too?


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