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Confession Session – Christmas Edition

Posted Dec 17 2012 1:08pm

A confession session is way overdue.

Confession #1: The Christmas presents I wanted dearly but never got….

Um, Easy Bake Oven.

EZbake As a child of the late 80’s and early 90’s, I felt totally gypped that I never got an Easy Bake Oven. Every time I would ask for one I would get some lecture from my parents about how a little light bulb does not simulate an oven and that it is super lame and instead they would just teach me how to cook in the real oven.

That is what you get when your parents are chefs I guess.

Nonetheless….I still felt like I majorly missed out.

I wanted a brownie cooked under a light bulb, dammit.

And then… there was the Furby.

Furby I never got one… but now that I am an adult, I totally understand why.

They are creepy, and somewhat annoying.

Regardless, my parents could have sucked it up for the 3 days that I would have played with it before I lost interest.

Also, it is kind of weird that this is a “hot toy” this season again.

Confession #2: Politically correctness… and all that.
I get that the whole politically correct thing to do is say “Happy Holidays.”

But honestly, I am selfish maybe, but I like to say Merry Christmas anyway, and then if you say “I dont celebrate Christmas… I’m Jewish.” Then I can tell you Happy Hanukkah – no big deal. I just like to say Merry Christmas, because that is what I celebrate.

So there.

Confession #3: I dont like tinsel.
There, I said it.

I know there are lots of different types of tinsel, but to be specific – I’m talking about the type that is the loose, silver strands that you throw all over the tree.


My mom used to tinsel the shit out of our Christmas tree every year growing up, maybe it stems from that.

Anyway, every Christmas Torrance and I get in an argument about it because he wants tinsel. He doesnt really want tinsel, he just says that because he knows I hate it. One year, we even compromised and I let him put tinsel on the back of the tree…. you know, the part that is up against the wall that no one sees.

Relationships: all about compromise.

Confession #4: I love Mario
This year I had a really hard time with what I wanted for Christmas, Torrance and I both actually.

He kept bugging me and bugging me. We always get each other a couple small things and then one “bigger” present… but we were both at a loss for what our “bigger present” should be.

It is weird… but its so nice to give a gift that you are really excited for the other person to open.

What I actually decided on… was this gem.

Nintendo Yes, a Nintendo 3DS XL in purple or turquoise.

I want this mostly just so I can play Mario….because I seriously love Mario.

Confession #5: Giving back
This year for Christmas we decided to “adopt” a few kids in need. We have done some similar stuff as far as giving donations, food, etc to groups… but this year we decided we wanted to do something more personal.

I dont know why we havent done that before – it was awesome! I loved picking out specific things for specific children and knowing that it was just going to make someone’s Christmas that much better.

Not to sound corny, but that really is what it’s all about.

If you are looking to do something similar, it may not be too late! I would check with your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Churches in your area – there are lots of opportunities out there.

Confession #6: Trusty Mascara
This is completely non-Christmas related… but I realized yesterday, that I have been wearing the same Mascara since 6th grade. Yes, since I started wearing mascara.

Mascara I’m not sure if this is like, normal, but it seems like people experiment with different stuff all the time. But I am one of the most boring make-up people ever.

I have tried a few other kinds here and there (for like, 2 days) and then I end up back with my old trusty friend.

I will just cry if they ever stop making it!


  • Give me a Christmas Confession!
  • A present you wanted when you were younger that you never got?
  • Something on your Wishlist this year?

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