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Comparing Prices at the Gas Pump

Posted Oct 22 2008 6:13pm
November 20, 2007

I filled up my vehicle with regular gasoline yesterday at our neighbourhood Sunoco station. This autumn, gas prices in our area have been over $1.00 a litre most days. A fill up for my 6 cylinder van costs about $60.00 so I try to lessen the shock by keeping the tank from getting completely empty. During the time of Hurricane Katrina, our gas prices peaked briefly at $1.20 a litre, but they dropped again quickly.

November 14, 2006

I took a picture of the sign at the same gas station last November (see post here). The gas price one year ago... $0.788 a litre. Considering the fact that our dollar is now valued above the US dollar, we are paying at least 25% more for gas this November. Oil was between $55-60 a barrel last November and is now above $90 a barrel. One year ago the Canadian dollar was worth $0.87 US and yesterday it closed at $1.02 US.
I am not an economist, but this winter we will be experiencing higher prices for all transported goods (which is pretty much everything). Have we become indifferent to the impact of our gas-dependent ways? How high do prices have to go before we take energy conservation seriously?

How much are you paying for gas?
I would be interested in hearing from readers in other continents too.

1 US gallon = 3.7854118 litres
Assuming the CDN and US currency is at par, we are paying $3.86 per US gallon for gas in our area. Many areas of Canada, particularly in the north, have significantly higher prices.
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