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Comparing Bridal Training Packages

Posted Jul 27 2013 12:00am

Way, way, way before I was engaged or even had a boyfriend for that matter, I dreamed of the day I’d be able to hire a personal trainer who would whip me into the best shape of my life for my wedding.


I figured I could finally have an excuse to splurge on a personal trainer.  Fast forward to reality.  Weddings are EXPENSIVE!  There are so many costs that I didn’t even think about.  While getting in shape is still hugely important, I’m definitely reevaluating what I am willing and able spend on it.

Thus for the last few months, I’ve tried to make better decisions with my diet and I’ve bought pretty much every gilt/groupon/ruelala deals that have come up for studios I know and love.  I’m also insanely grateful for the summer rates that places like Revolve and Uplift are offering!

I dropped my gym membership and have been dividing my time between Refine, Revolve, Uplift, Exhale and running.

So far, it’s been fairly successful. I’ve shed a few pounds and have at least a few to go, but moving in the right direction without driving myself crazy.

However, for the last month or so, the home stretch if you will, I am considering upping the ante with a more structured plan.  I thought I’d share some of the plans I’ve looked into and see what ya’ll thought.

Exhale Bridal Bootcamp

exhale-pic (1)

What You Get?

Cost: 6 Weeks: $680 and 12 Weeks: $975

I like the structure of this plan, it suits my love of group fitness classes– and you can work out as much as you want! Exhale has a lot of locations and a nice variety of classes too.  Plus it has some nice beauty/spa perks that I probably wouldn’t buy for myself.  Perhaps my favorite aspect is the free private group class, bachelorette party, anyone?  I’m not sure exactly what the Mind Body Manager does, but I imagine they help you design a plan to reach your goals and keep you on track. Price wise, it’s about as good as it gets, the 6 week plan is around $113 a week!

On the other hand, this is fairly self-driven without personal training, so you’d have to be self motivated.  I also find that my favorite exhale classes (cardio/sport) are only offered a few times a week at my local location and they fill up FAST, so I’m not sure how many straight up barre classes I’d want to take in a week.

Uplift Fit to Be Tied


What You Get: (They have 1, 3 and 6 month programs–this is just the 1 month “whip up”)

One-hour consultation in our NYC Uplift fitness studio with both your personal trainer and health coach, to set goals and prepare for the intense month ahead.

Two private, one-hour, get-your-sweat-on personal training sessions per week with your personal trainer. (Total of 8 sessions).

One private, one-hour nutrition counseling session per week with your health coach. You can meet over the phone or in person, whichever is most convenient for your schedule. (Total of 4 sessions).

Pass to four Uplift NYC studio classes.

Cost: $1395

My Thoughts:  This is great if you are looking for lots of personalized, individual attention.  The emphasis on personal training and nutrition counseling gives you the a comprehensive approach to getting in shape and lots of accountability. It’s nice that you get to take advantage of a group fitness class each week as well.  I’m totally bias in that I love uplift and pretty much everything they do, so that’s a big selling point as well. Plus, cutest name for a workout program, ever!

This plan is on the clearly pricier side, but nutritionist and personal trainers tend to be more expensive than regular fitness classes, since services are personalized.  In this program, you’re getting about 3 workouts a week included, so while that might be a lot for some, I’d need to find a way to fit in (and potentially pay for) additional workouts–I wish there were a few more group classes included.  I’m haven’t had enough experience with personal trainers to know whether the results are worth the cost. Anyone out there have experiences with personal trainers, good or bad?

Fitist Bride Plan


What You Get:

“This plan ensures the stressed-out bride gets a well-balanced plan that burns calories and promotes mental relaxation and a sense of calmwhile helping you attain a lean and toned body.”

  • 8 Cycle Classes (Flywheel)
  • 4 Core/Pilates (Like Flybarre, Pilates ProWorks and Nalini Method)
  • 4 Performance  (Think uplift, barry’s bootcamp, fhitting room)
  • 2 Yoga (Like New York Yoga, SLT and YogaMaya)

Cost: $500/month (18 classes)

Fitist allows you to book classes at the fairly large network of studios they have partnered with throughout the city.  I like that this plan offers a lot of variety, you’ll never be bored.  I think you can work with a fitist expert to customize your plan even further. However, this plan is larger self-driven and there is no personal training or nutrition built into the package. Generally monetary commitment is all I need to be motivated, so I could see myself enjoying this type of plan.  But to be honest, it’s pretty similar to what I do in my daily life anyways, so I’m not sure it has quite as much structure as I am looking for.

The price comes out to $27 a class, which is a slight discount at most studios, a large discount at Barry’s, and little to no discount at other studios.  I’d like to see a slightly larger discount, since I can get these prices through buying packages, but it’s still a decent value. Having never used Fitist, I think I’d really have to try out a 5-pack to see how the availability of classes, ease of scheduling, etc works out to  be able to really evaluate this plan fairly.

There are obviously many more bridal fitness programs out there, but these are the ones I have been considering.  But I’m certainly open to recommendations! If anyone wants to share their plan of attack for getting in shape for a big event, I’d love to hear it!

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