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Commonly Performed Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Posted Aug 13 2013 9:47am

Plastic surgery is no longer the privilege of celebrities and the rich, with more and more figure conscious men and women opting for it at present. There has been considerable advancement in medical technology and established practices are available now that provide safe and effective aesthetic procedures. Let us take a look at the commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures that offer excellent aesthetic results.


  • Breast Augmentation: This breast surgery is widely chosen to improve the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. Fuller and rounder breasts are mainly achieved via breast implants and the apt implant type is advised by the surgeon after carefully studying the breast anatomy. Saline implants require only a smaller incision as the saline solution is filled after inserting the implant. Silicone gel implants are more natural-looking though they require a larger incision. The chances of rippling are negligible with silicone gel implants and if in case rippling occurs with saline implants, the tissues absorb it avoiding further complications.

  • Abdominoplasty: The excess fat deposits in the abdomen are carefully removed and the skin tightened via this tummy tuck surgery. The abdominal contour and form are significantly improved by tightening the underlying loose abdominal muscles. Standard abdominoplasty is performed for those who need to remove minimal skin or fat from the lower abdomen. The incision made lies hidden beneath the bikini line. High lateral tension abdominoplasty is performed for removing excess lower abdominal skin. Maximum abdominal tightening can be achieved and the incision which starts from the pubis and moves upwards lies hidden in high-riding bikinis.

  • Face Lift: This surgery is recommended to treat deep creases, wrinkles, or excess skin thus improving the facial appearance. Skin-only lifts involving skin lift, dual plane lift involving elevating the skin and deeper tissues in separate planes, and composite lift which performs them together are common procedures. The midfacial and subperiosteal lifts addressing the deeper tissues, and the short scar face lift or mini facelift, offering more vertical face lift are the diverse options offered.

  • Liposuction: It is an advanced procedure performed in various body parts such as the flanks or love handles, knees, calves, thighs, inner thighs, back, face, outer hips, abdomen, arms, breasts, and neck. This surgery removes the excess fat deposits which are resistant to heavy exercise or diet. The overall body contour can be improved via this procedure.

  • Genioplasty: This surgery is the best solution for chin deformities and this process advances, raises, recesses, or lowers the chin thus delivering facial balance and harmony. Silicone implant method is advised for the elderly and the implant type is chosen depending on the augmentation. Bone surgery is performed for larger advancements which involves accurate cutting of the chin bone which is moved to the correct location. Soft tissue procedures may be needed for enhancing these results.

Significance of Approaching a Reliable Plastic Surgery Practice

By choosing a reliable practice for performing any of these commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures, you could make the most out of the possibilities. As patient care would be given utmost consideration there with skilled and experienced plastic surgeons and trained supportive staff, the plastic surgery could be completed with minimal pain and discomfort and negligible surgical trauma. Quick recovery would be possible and moreover, the results would be long lasting with superior follow-up treatment. Also, the side effects of the surgery performed will be minimal as careful analysis would be made during the initial consultation itself regarding your health status. The benefits and risks would be made clear while discussing the aesthetic goals.  


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