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Coming to You This Spring: Raw Transformation!

Posted Feb 18 2013 6:20am

Heya guys!

I am excited to tell you today about a project I have been working on in secret for the last couple of months! It all started out small but its growing out to be a big program that I feel has the potential to help tons of people seriously upgrade their lives – woohoo!

How it All Began

I’ve been a raw foodie myself for some years now. For three years I have been blogging and writing articles with the intention of inspiring people to eat and live in a way that promotes optimal health and well-being, as I had experienced a true, life-changing transformation myself by switching to raw and plant-based foods. About a year ago I started writing eBooks and took on clients for personal coaching sessions as well, in an effort to ‘do more’ and have a greater influence on your raw food journey. Writing eBooks and coaching people has been so so so much fun and rewarding, for both me and my readers and clients. However, now it is time to take all this to the next level!

You see, there are only so many hours in a day, so many days a week. Read; there is a limit to how many hours a day I can (and want to!) spend behind my desk writing, and so many hours I can spend on coaching (keeping in mind a session may last one hour, but I spend time after each session developing meal plans and recipes, coming up with action plans and resources to help my client reach his or her goals, etc). And there are more factors limiting the amount of people I can ‘reach’, and the depth and quality of information I can share through eBooks and a often limited number of coaching sessions.

Taking Online Education & Guidance to the Next Level

I really feel this is the time where more and more people are waking up to the possibility of reaching their full potential and with this I see a growing interest in, and need for, guidance. Simply acquiring some raw food recipes and random tips just doesn’t cut it anymore, in my humble opinion. First of all because ‘raw food’ actually isn’t all that much about the food, it’s also about breaking free from years of conditioning, emotional eating, and social dogma surrounding food and lifestyle. Second, because I feel raw food is not the end goal but simply a means to reach the next stage in our personal evolution. I see a lot of raw foodies, books, websites, online courses etc, put all their emphasis on the ‘food’ part (read: recipes and mealplans, what to eat, what not to eat), with little to no regards for any personal and spiritual development. From personal experience (and those of many friends and clients) I can let you in on a little secret; raw food is only the beginning!

Some months ago I started fantasizing about bringing all this together, raw food and personal development, in an intimate online setting. I feel the Internet is still a great tool to share information and knowledge and bring people together in this day and age, however with articles and eBooks the connection and interaction and thus real guidance is often lost. I wanted to establish an online platform where information is shared and personal guidance is available.

may I present to you….

Raw Transformation

Raw Transformation is a three phase online program that makes it easy going raw – and beyond.

Each phase lasts an entire month and has a specific focus and builds upon the previous phase. Every phase includes a wealth of information through text (PDFs), video’s and audio material (podcasts). Every phase is divided into classes, 2-3 classes per week, each covering a specific topic in-depth. There will be exercises and assignments to follow every week which help you stay on track and actually implement the information!

The first phase is all about going raw - switching from wherever it is you’re at right now, to eating more and more raw plant foods so you can experience an increase in energy, vitality and mental clarity. In this phase you will learn how to make your own mealplans, find out what foods best support your body type and constitution, and what foods support optimal nutrition. This phase is chockfull of recipes, ranging from salads and elixers to cakes and ice-cream, that will make the transition easy and fun.

Phase 2 is all about detoxing and we will do a few specific cleanses, together as a group. Detoxing is a vital aspect of successfully going raw and never before was it so easy or fun  as when we’re all in it together! In this phase we will discuss fasting and juice feasting but also various other ways to cleanse and detoxify the body, from little daily cleanse practices to the more serious cleanse protocols – and how and when to safely implement them. In this part of the program we will also discuss alternative healing modalities like colon cleansing and herbs to reach even higher states of health & well being.

After phase 2 your body is fresh, clean and efficient, which is much needed for what’s to come in phase 3!

Phase 3 focuses on not just improving your diet, but all aspects of your life. I am a big fan of personal development techniques and I feel the real key to transformation lies in combining these with a healthy, clean diet. When you do, prepare for the magic to happen! In this phase I will share my all-time favorite resources and techniques for personal development and spiritual growth. These range from writing exercices to meditation techniques, eye-opening and soul-shaking books and movies, hypnosis and sound-wave tapes, body movement practices and more. In this phase we also address the underlying causes for food addiction and emotional eating and how to finally break these patterns and habits. There is some more truly life-changing stuff in this phase which I might reveal a bit about in a later stage ;)

As you can see by now, Raw Transformation is all about bringing about transformation on every level and every aspect of your life. Every phase includes inspirational video’s and/or audio tapes (from me!) that inspire you on your raw journey, my favorite inspirational & educational resources (likes books or video’s from other successful raw foodies) that helped me go raw and stay raw, recipes and recipe videos (including all raw and transitional recipes), and exercises, assignments and techniques that help you implement the information straight away and accelerate your learning.

How Raw Transformation is Different (& Awesome)

There are many programs and other resources online already (including my own articles and eBooks), aimed at helping people make the switch to a more raw diet & lifestyle. I think this is awesome and I am so happy the Internet is helping people like me and my fellow raw foodies share this information with people who are completely new to this new way of eating, thinking and living. I am by no means the first person to develop a program like this, but I do feel this program stands out from the rest in a number of ways (or I wouldn’t be spending so much of my time passionately developing it, doh).

Like I said, what I have seen over the years is that these programs focus mostly or entirely on the food part. Trust me, raw food recipes and mealplans is not what it takes to successfully go and stay raw (and besides, these can be found all over the Interwebz, for free). Now I am not saying recipes and mealplans are not important – they are, and I too included them in the program. Where Raw Transformation makes a big (and crucial!) difference is that it also teaches you how to develop your own mealplans, for example. Or how to eat best for your body type and lifestyle, no one diet fits all mentality here! I also address emotional eating and intuitive eating, instead of telling you what to eat and what not to eat, or how much to eat, which doesn’t make any sense at all. And Raw Transformation continues where other programs stop. No ‘now what?’ after you got the food part down!

But the best part about this program? Live support. This is not an offline, stagnant, do it yourself kinda thing (which would basically just be an upgraded version of a book or eBook). No, the foundation of this program is live. There will be live coaching calls with me for extra support and motivation (and where you can ask everything you’ve ever wanted to know!) and a private group forum where all participants of the program can interact on a daily basis. Share stories and recipes, give and receive tips and little nuggets of wisdom, and support each other on this journey. Of course, I will be in this forum too and here you can ask me questions as well.


If a Raw Transformation sounds like just what the doctor ordered, make sure you subscribe to the Raw Transformation interest list . Once in a while I will send out some newbies and updates to the subscribers, and you will be the first to know the exact launch date. Subscribers to this list will also get the first word on the discount I am providing to a limited amount of people and only for the first 3 month round of this program! Click here to subscribe to the Raw Transformation interest list (and receive updates, tips and recipes from the Raw Transformation program max every other week).

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