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Colorful Food

Posted Jul 23 2010 12:00am

Today has been a long day.  Busy, productive, irritating at times, but altogether good.  I became frustrated at work when someone informed 30 minutes before I was supposed to leave about the “right” way to do something.  Thanks for telling me now!!!  So I ended up spending an hour overtime (unpaid :-( ) rectifying that situation.  But I’m not going to let it put a damper on my day.  Smile and move on!!

Can you guess how this day started out?  Yep, you guessed it…with a delicious run.  6.5 miles in 57 minutes.  My legs were in need of a nice, easy pace after these past few weeks of building mileage.

2 July 1st 10 mile run

10 July 1st 15 mile run

16 July 2nd 15 mile run

Plus all those days of running in between.  I turned control over to my legs this morning and let them set the pace.  It felt nice.  Days like these always remind me why I love running.  Another reason for taking it slow today was because I’m running the Paint the Streets 5K with my sister on Saturday.  It is a memorial run for a woman named Carlene Hall.  Her story is really inspirational and makes me appreciate all I am blessed with. 

Carlene Hall was a quadriplegic who painted using her mouth to hold the brush. She suffered a severe spinal cord injury in her home on October 8, 2005 that changed her life forever. She was paralyzed from the shoulders down since then. After her accident, she spent 17 days in Huntsville Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Carlene applied and was accepted to The Shepherd Center, a Catastrophic Care hospital in Atlanta, GA. She remained there for approximately two months. While at Shepherd, one of the rehabilitation/therapy activities involved learning to write and use a paint brush with her mouth. Carlene had been painting as a hobby since childhood and has always possessed a talent for creativity. She continued to express that talent when she returned home from The Shepherd Center.

Carlene was a mother of two beautiful daughters and a step-mother to two handsome sons. She had seven wonderful grandchildren. She was surrounded by a caring family and wonderful friends who helped her manage the many difficult challenges of life as a quadriplegic. Carlene took on challenges with a strong faith in God and a determination that was inspiring to everyone she came in contact with.

A close family member had the following to say about Carlene’s accident and how she dealt with it. “The accident has affected our lives in ways that will be with us forever. It has been a very difficult adjustment for the family and it seems that the one who handled it better than any of us was Carlene. Her faith grew stronger and stronger as time passed. She had come to terms with it and felt that God was using her to reach and inspire others.”

Carlene passed away on February 3, 2009. Carlene Hall was a vibrant woman of GOD; she overflowed with love for all those around her. She was a devoted mother, adored Nana, inspiring friend and a faithful Christian, always looking for a way to lead others on their path. She had a way of bringing joy to all those around he. As she endures the unthinkable, she adapted to her situation with a positive outlook, learning to keep life alive from a wheelchair. Carlene learned to paint by mouth allowing her mind to set her free. Carlene conquered fear, doubt, uncertainly, and grief. Carlene was the epitome of strength and courage and her final moments she held tight to her unwavering faith.

If that doesn’t you motivate you to work hard and never give up, I don’t know what would.  Saturday’s run is for her and anyone else who has experienced such a life altering event. 

Today, I gave myself a food challenge:  Eat as many colors as possible.  I think I did pretty well.

Breakfast was OIAJ:

  • WHITE:  greek yogurt
  • YELLOW:  bananer
  • ORANGE/RED:  Georgia peach
  • BROWN:  toasted almonds
  • BLACK/PURPLE:  chia seeds

Lunch:  I dub this beauty the Multi-Color Tuna Wrap:

  • PURPLE:  red onions
  • :  tuna
  • ORANGE:  carrots
  • GREEN:  spinach & avocado
  • YELLOW: some more avocado & lemon zest (trust me, it’s in there!)
  • BROWN: whole wheat wrap

It took some effort but I ended up getting this baby rolled up.  Take a peek into the Multi-Color Tuna Tunnel!

This meal was topped off with a RED Gala apple and a handful of trail mix.

Snack was a greek yogurt with some more ORANGE carrots, WHITE greek yogurt, and BROWN Kashi GoLean cereal…Mmmmm!

(sorry for the lack of pictures.  Cameras are prohibited at work…bummer, I know)

DINNER…the most beautiful dish of the day…prepared in an amazing 15 minutes!

  • ORANGE/PINK:  salmon from yesterday
  • GREEN:  leftover, steamed broccoli
  • more GREEN:  zucchini
  • RED:  cherry toe-MAE-toes
  • BROWN:  brown rice (duh!)

Ok, so I didn’t really do so well on incorporating a lot of colors into this meal, but it turned out great. The base was a cup of Uncle Ben’s 1 Minute Brown rice.  On a tray lined with foil, I threw some leftover broc and fresh cherry tomatoes.  I stuck them under the broiler until the tomatoes PoPeD, literally.  I was staring through the glass oven door trying to figure out whether I should take the tray out when….POP…a piece of cherry tomato burst onto the glass!  That was tomato speak for “GET US OUT BEFORE WE MAKE A MESS OF YOUR OVEN!”  Out they came and onto the rice they went.  I nuked the salmon for 1 minute and threw that on top.  A drizzling of balsamic vinegar completed the meal.  My tummy was satisfied.  Plus, I didn’t waste food because it was all leftover!  Sarah would be proud!


1.   What are some interesting ways you’ve used your leftover food (unique meal, odd food combos…)? 

2. What was the craziest color food you have ever eaten?  My mom bought purple ketchup and green ketchup once.  We put it on the dinner table when my grandma was visiting and she wouldn’t even try it!!  She probably thought it was moldy and we were trying to poison her.  Poor grandma!

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