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Color Me Rad Recap!

Posted May 29 2012 6:01am

Annnd… we are back to the work week. I loved this weekend because all day Saturday, I pretended it was Friday… (Sunday was a Saturday.. and Monday and Sunday). (My lightened up boxed brownies were a hit at the party on Sunday.. btw) Did you follow that? Okay. Good.  And now its Tuesday.. and that is just Tuesday.  It’s crunch time at school – we have regular days today, tomorrow & Thursday.. and field day Friday. Quite a quick week if you ask me :) !


So – Friday after my half day, I headed up north in CT to spend the afternoon/evening with my Maid of Honor, Christina. I’ve been friends with here since 7th grade – and she has been my rock for years!  We took a workout class together, went out the dinner and then “watched” This is War.


I say “watched” because for the first 20 minutes I was caught up in a text conversation. (Stupid phones).  I acutally watched 30-40 minutes… and then I stopped fighting to stay awake and feel asleep for the ending (except that last 5 minutes).  From the short portions that I saw – I liked it. Christina would be a better judge of the movie. She told me it was good.


We were up at around 6:00 Saturday morning to get ready to head up to Hartford for the Color Me Rad 5K.  Our “heat” was scheduled to begin at 9:05 (the first was at 9:00) .. so we wanted to make sure we arrived with plenty of time.



Those sunglasses were also a part of our registration packet. Awesome. We wore them while we ran, of course.

The 5K was held at Rentschler Field – home to the UCONN Huskies football team (and also hosts other sporting events as well).  One perk to having this event at a stadium – is that indoor bathrooms were available to use! (Which were DISGUSTING by 9:45.. can’t imagine what they were like at the days end!)



We both wore white t-shirts and black shorts. I made SURE to cover my hair – because I know I would be BOMBED with colors!  I still have a tiny but of pink left in my hair from the Wacky Wednesday fiasco .. and I wasn’t in the mood to create any more funky hair styles.  We had some time to kill – about an hour – so we walked around and took some before pictures.



Christina’s mother, sister, friend, and cousin were also running the race. Our team was called “Running like the Winded.” I found it rather comical.

The race itself was fairly well organied – but we were smart and picked up our bibs and registration packet BEFORE the actual race. Those who waited until race morning waited for a LONG time on line. So glad that wasn’t us!

There was an MC that was pumping up the crowed – and they were shooting out free t-shirts. After the first wave took off – we went over the the start area.

This wasn’t a timed 5K – it was more for the experience. This was fine with me – but I knew I wanted to get a good workout in – as did Christina. Our orignial plan was to run to ALMOST the finish – and then turn around to find the rest of the gang. Once we saw just how many people were there.. we knew it would be dangerous to do this (and probably against some rules).. so we decided to just run the thing and meet up with everyone at the end.


The run itself.. SO MUCH FUN!  There were 4 color stations scattered through out the 5K course. Christina and I were totally down to be as colored as possible – so we made sure to be on the outside of the course. We definitely did a lot of weaving – because we were running at a pretty quick pace. Many were jogging and walking, but we kind of made it in to a game. When we’d get to a color station, wonderful volunteers would through the (gluten free) colored cornstarch at us … coloring us RAD!  They also had a few stations where the cornstarch was diluted in water (I think).. and then it was spraying on us!. Pretty refreshing on a muggy morning!


The entire course remained inside the Rentschler Field grounds. The ONE draw back is that 3/4 of the run was on gravel. Big gravel. It was hard to run on and a little bit painful. Although the entire race was only 3.1 miles, I had never been more happy to see pavement in my life (which returned right around the 3 mile mark!)



We definitely got colored. And we dumped the color pouches we received at the finish all over each other as well. I may or may not have put my entire bag on Christina’s face. (Woops).



Because of the glare.. we couldn’t really see any of the pictures.. which also meant we had no idea what we really looked like. I knew Christina was a mess.. and she knew I was a mess.. but that was about it!


Eventually, we made our way to the bathroom – had a good laugh at ourselves.. and then used the last of the restroom paper towels to wash our faces.

This was one of THE funnest events that I’ve ever been to. You best believe I will be doing it again! :)


Have you ever done a Color Me Rad race? Something similar?

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