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Color Me Rad 5K!

Posted Jul 15 2012 2:30pm

Well, guys, I did it. I’m officially a  Color Me Rad  warrior! And I’ve got the paint to prove it.

This morning,  Cait , Matty and I made our way to South Shore Plaza in Braintree, MA for the Color Me Rad 5K. We were all pretty stoked to get drenched in the colorful cornstarch and just have a good time!

When I used to run a lot, there was a standard pre-run meal that I would enjoy: four strawberries and 1/2 cup raw oats with almond milk. My stomach is really sensitive when it comes to running, so it was important for me to get the measurements down so that I could run with a satisfied belly and without feeling weighed down. On the way to the 5K, I enjoyed the aforementioned fuel.

Oats in a SOLO cup is pretty standard right? Don’t answer that.

Once we got to the race, Matty and I foam rolled our tight hips while Cait chuckled at us.

After a good stretch, we put on our Color Me Rad UV glasses and were more-than ready to get a move on! I thought my  Reebok shorts  would fit in seamlessly with the color rainbow we were about to embrace.

We met up with  Amy  and her gem-of-a-hubby, Chris, who served as our resident photographer for the event. Together, the four of us were part of Team #FitFluential ! There was so much positive energy floating around, it was impossible not to smile. The race was sold out, which was kind of obvious. Look at all the people!

Team #FitFluential!

The race went in many separate waves, and we were in the second wave. Enrique was blasting and spirits were high. The sun was blaring, the sky was blue, and there wasn’t an ounce of humdity! I love running in hot weather, so the 85 degree forecast didn’t faze me.

At 8:05, we hit the ground running, stopping at “color stops” along the way to get covered with the cornstarch-based color. It was so much fun and went by so quickly. We could hardly believe it when we saw the finish line in sight!

Team #FitFluential!

There was no clock timing our run. We actually had no idea what our time was – and to be honest, we really didn’t care. This event was all about having fun, living in the moment, and celebrating life. Getting in a good workout was just a bonus! I loved that. The race itself was mostly on flat road. Matty and I ran side by side throughout the entire course, which really meant a lot to me. We’d never actually got for a run together before! The four of us just sort of soaked up the great energy that surrounded us and couldn’t wait to run straight through each of the color stations and get doused in it!

Check out the contrast between our stomach and our arms. Ha! We also filmed a post-run video for you on Amy’s camera of us coloring ourselves rad. Ladies and gents, Team #FitFluential in action!

Post-run, we realized were sort of absent-minded and forgot to bring towels, so we were a little concerned about getting cornstarch-based color all over Matty’s car seats. It turned out great, though! With a few generous pats, the color came off our shorts with ease! Win.

After a good shower (the color came off fairly easily), we ventured to Wildflour to refuel our bod pods. I opted for the raw lasagna, which was made with layers of zucchini, tomato-basil sauce, and a “cheese” sauce made with brazil nuts, cashews, and sunflower seeds. Hints of oregano and basil were present in each crunchy-meets-chewy bite. In a word, it was divine.

Perfect post-run meal, if I do say so myself. :-) On tap for the rest of the night is lots of blog-related catch up and a date with my Daddy. Hope you’re having a happy Sunday, everyone!

Stay lovely,

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