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Colon Cancer Challenge 4M Recap

Posted Apr 10 2013 6:00am

Good Morning!!  Race recap #2 of 2 for the weekend!!  A lot of my friends thought I was crazy for running two races in one weekend, but when I was waiting in the corrals for this race the announcer said “How many people also ran the 10k yesterday?”  Apparently there are just as many other crazy people out there as me!

I started my morning the same way I did for the 10K race the day before.  I figured since that worked out so well I might as well try it again.  Turns out, my knees (yes I said kneeS, because now note one but both of them hate me) were just not willing to work with me today.IMG_0005

This race was much shorter so I wore a long sleeve shirt since I didn’t want to be cold for half the race.  I was instead hot for the entire thing, but that is okay.  My legs weren’t working with me and I decided very early on that I was not going to be trying for any kind of PR today.  I took it easy and at one point seriously considered stopping to walk.  I then realized that walking would only take that much longer and I decided that I would rather finish faster and go home.

So, I ran the entire thing.  Let me tell you though I had to dig deep for this race.  It took all of my energy and mental strength to finish, but I’m glad that I did.  In the end I actually ended up doing better than I thought.  I was convinced I ran over a 10:00 pace, but I didn’t!

Time: 39:29

Pace: 9:52

I’m now resting, as I have been since Monday.  My knees hate me and I have a half marathon to run on Sunday… How I will run that is still yet to be determined. :)

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