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Colic Babies: How to Get Rid of Child Colic Pains and Make your Child Sleep in Peace

Posted Nov 11 2012 10:11am

colic baby


A colic baby is a traumatic experience for the suffering children as well as the parents. The evening stress faced by new parents multiplies with a colic infant on hand. One of the most annoying things is to have your peaceful few hours of sleep shattered by baby screams stemming from colic pains.

The incessant crying of the baby can be very unsettling to parents, especially to mothers as they often tend to panic, seeing their child in pain. Pediatricians over the centuries have had their nights filled with calls from hassled mothers who can’t seem to calm their crying babies.

Here are some tips which can help you get rid of child colic pains and help you and your baby get a peaceful night’s sleep:

Don’t Panic The most important thing to remember is to not to panic. Babies are very attuned to the emotions of their mothers. Any stress or panic is immediately picked upon by the baby and this scares him or her. The crying intensifies adding to the clenching of the stomach, which in turn increases the abdominal pain experienced by the colic stricken babies. It is quite common for babies between the ages of two weeks to three to four months to be colic. What your baby is going through is nothing out of the ordinary and definitely not without a cure.

Gripe Water

Gripe water is the wonder cure for colic babies.  It is made of natural elements and is a little sweet tasting because of the aniseed component. Babies like it and mothers love it! It works like a miracle for babies suffering from colic abdominal pain. It is always advisable to keep a couple of gripe water bottles handy.

Burp Make sure your baby has passed out gas after every meal. It will reduce the chances of your baby waking up in the middle of the night with severe abdominal crunches.  A number of techniques from shoulder pats to pedaling the baby’s legs can be used to make the baby either burp or fart to relieve the gas.

Massages Gentle abdominal massages go a long way in relieving your baby of the stomach aches. Massage the stomach of your baby in gentle circular motions and gradually move towards the pelvic area. This will also help relieve any gas in the baby’s body while relaxing the baby and calming him down.

Distraction Distracting a baby when he cries from stomach aches can make him stop crying. This eases the stress on the abdominal muscles and hence reduces the discomfort experienced by colic babies. Something as simple as turning the vacuum cleaner can work as an ideal distraction.

Herbal Tea It sounds incredulous, but small daily doses, as small as just a teaspoon of mild herbal tea can help you keep your infant colic free! Make sure your herbal tea includes chamomile, ginger and mint and see the tea work wonders on the discomfort experienced by colic babies. Herbal teas could actually mean that you and your baby don’t have to wake up in the middle of night because of a colic disorder!

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