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Cold Toes and Comfort Food

Posted Nov 14 2012 12:02am
How's that for a title? HaHa!
Pretty accurate though!
Woke up this morning to a little snow on the ground. We call it a skiff of snow. I wonder if that is even a real term? Hmm...may need to look that one up. It wouldn't surprise me if my family just made up their own phrase! I remember my Dad saying that when we were really little...
Oh hey! That's me when I was really little! Dig those pants, right?

Seriously random...Just like my entire day! Honestly, I had good news, bad news, helpful people, people I wanted to poke right in their eye. A total roller coaster ride and I am not a fan! Tomorrow is a new day!
Where was I?Oh! My cold toes..
I woke up to that snow and instantly started arguing with myself about running. From my warm bed, a snowy run did not sound fantastic! But then I remembered my new socks! Yes, that is right, I went out and ran in 32 degree, windy and snowy weather just to try out my new wool Feetures! socks. That is something else to add to the list of weird runner things. No wonder I fit right in to running; all the quirky little things! Haha! I didn't take a picture of my feet, but it is your lucky day because I took one of me looking really, really tired! I have to say, I have got the layering thing down. I stayed warm and all my moisture wicking stuff really did it's job. The Feetures! socks get a total thumbs up! Not only did they keep my notoriously cold feet warm, but they were super comfortable. I love that they are anatomically correct. They even have a little 'L' and 'R' on the toes! I may need to see what other goodies they have since I have become a sock snob. I even had to move the sock collection to a bigger drawer. Anyone else have sock issues? Anyone?!?

I have also discovered a yummy little trick...My Tangerine Ginger Nuun is absolutely fantastic in a cup of my new favorite tea, Good Earth Sweet & Spicy ! Oh my gosh, may be the best hot tea combination ever!

I did have another muffin this morning, but I won't bore you with a picture or explanation. It was a protein kick with a side of carbs and Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips (not as good as my unsweetened carob, but a trip to Whole Foods is on tap for tomorrow!)

I had decided early in the fall that I wanted to make Pumpkin Butter. I don't know why, just sounded like a good idea. I bought my little pie pumpkins and they pretty much just hung out through Halloween. They were completely unaware of the fate that awaited them! I halved them up yesterday and roasted them in the oven. Oh, and those things are packed full of seeds! My son was happy to have some fresh roasted pumpkin seeds last night! This morning I scooped out the flesh. From 4 pumpkins, I got about 13-14 cups of pumpkin to puree!
~Scooping Roasted Pumpkins~ Just looks so pretty, right? Put the Ninja to work and smoothed it out to a nice puree. This was about half of it before I added all my spices to it.
After several hours on low, I have pumpkin butter! It is actually a really rich color, wish it showed up better.
Oh my gosh, it tastes like pumpkin pie filling,. There isn't any sugar in it, just spices and a bit of SweetLeaf Stevia. I have no idea what I am going to do with all of it (probably put it in my muffins...ha!) The house smelled amazing all day. I love the smell of pumpkin. I have every pumpkin scented WallFlower from Bath & Body Works. Something about it is the ultimate comfort food smell. Mmmm...makes me excited for Thanksgiving, which is weird because I don't eat pumpkin pie. Never been a pie girl. But turkey? Oh man, I love me some turkey! I am running a Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning and then coming home to cook up a big old bird...Yum!
All in all (even with the roller coaster ride), it was a good day. I am so thankful for the wonderful people that make such a difference in my life. It is pretty cool when someone can make you completely forget what your life was like before they were in it. Definitely makes that person pretty darned special and it makes me feel extremely lucky and truly blessed!
All right, my friends...I hope you have an amazing day!

Any plans for Turkey Trots or Thanksgiving? Tom says: #GoGetFit!

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