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Coffee Date

Posted Mar 29 2014 1:35pm

Hi friends!

How about a little coffee date? :)


I’ve got an extra big pot brewing this morning, so come on in. :)

If we were having coffee, I would probably start by telling you that I stayed up way too late last night. For starters, I didn’t get home from work until 10 pm (!) After being slow all day, I had three emergencies walk in at exactly 6:00. Naturally. Two out of three were pretty sick and one needed sedation, so it took me a few hours to get everyone right and ready to send out the door. Dinner was a smoothie, some chocolate and half of a sweet potato. (Balance?) Then, because I needed to wind down a little before I went to sleep, I spent some time reading the book I’m currently in the middle of – it’s about an orthopedic surgeon’s near death experience after drowning in a kayaking accident in South America. It’s actually a fairly uplifting book, but the part I’m at right now is kind of intense and sad. Not the best thing to read right before bed. Needless to say, I had a pretty restless night. (And on that note, I’d ask you to pass the coffee, please…)

You’d probably notice I’m moving a little slowly this morning. I’ve been struggling for a couple weeks to get back into a workout routine (I’ve done a few sporadic runs and one hike but virtually no strength training). I actually managed to make it to the gym yesterday before work to lift some heavy things. This morning, my upper body and abs feel so sore – in a really, really good way, though. Day one of strength training. Let’s hope I can keep it up. :)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I really, really love my new coworker from Nebraska. We had a nice long chat yesterday about all things life-related (during the calm before the emergency storm), and I feel like I’m getting to know her better. She brings a great new energy to our office and has been so incredibly kind and supportive, especially when I was going through a difficult time a few months ago. I’m just very happy with my new work place overall. I still love and miss my old work family, but it feels real good to be settled into a new place that’s close to home and where I feel confident and comfortable.

Speaking of feeling really good, I got a crown chakra blessing a couple days ago. Ok, so hear me out. I know it’s a little out there, but I promise it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Or, maybe it is. Either way, it was awesome. It’s basically a blessing from a spiritual master where they access divine energy and transmit (?) it through you by placing their hand on the crown of your head. It’s meant to align your heart, body and soul and provide mental clarity. All I can say is, afterward, I felt really, really good and pretty much have ever since. I’ve completely lost you, haven’t I? Should I stop talking? Are we still friends…….

And to totally switch gears in case that was a little too much for you, I’d quickly mention that tonight is date #4 with the Tinder guy. It’s really weird ‘dating from scratch,’ so to speak. All of my significant relationships have evolved naturally out of friendships, so this is a whole new territory for me. I have absolutely no gauge for how it’s supposed to go. So far, I’ve managed to accidentally send a flirtatious emoji via text (and subsequently take it back, shutting down the potential for any future romantic emoji communication), tell him about my therapist and let him know that an 8 pm wine date is kind of pushing it in relation to my bed time. I’m pretty sure I’m nailing it.

So what’s up with you?? How’s work? What books are keeping you up at night? Any dating/relationship mishaps or run-ins with a spiritual master? I can’t be the only one… ;)

Well, I’m off to try and make something of my morning before the inevitable caffeine crash and nap coming later this afternoon. Hope you have a lovely Saturday!




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