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Posted Jan 26 2011 9:07pm

Coconut is one of my favorite words. It’s just so fun to say. You’re such a coconut! That’s what my little cousin’s call my sister – cocoNUT with an emphasis on being a crazy nut.

Anyways, I tried coconut water for the first time today. I know I’m really behind on trends and stuff, but I’m a poor college student and could only afford this because I used my meal points. They sell this at my school now, yay! I also got a portabella mushroom sandwich with it which was awesome.

I picked this up with lunch but saved it for after my second spinning class. If you haven’t heard of coconut water, it’s sorta like Gatorade or other sports drinks because it has lots of electrolytes. It has twice the potassium as one banana! There were 3 kinds, regular coconut water, this peach & mango, and another kind I can’t remember. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t great either. This flavor was very mango-y, so I think I wanna try the regular coconut water next time. I also love that it’s only coconut water + mango puree + peach puree + vitamin C, and they use the real fruit and no extra sugar.

I have to say: I am in love with spinning! I went to my 2nd class tonight, and it was harder, more intense but so awesome. I was so inspired by Janae to try it cause she shares about how she teaches it. Check out her blog, she is so fun & hilarious & a crazy fast runner! Janae, please come teach spinning at my school, and I’ll pay you in candy?!

I loved hearing your music loves, and in spinning, the instructor played “Til I Collapse” by Eminem, which is my all-time fav running song. We ended with “ Little Lion Man ” by Mumford & Sons, which is another awesome song and new find of mine.


A few of you want to join my push-up challenge, yay! Kate, Jess, & Olivia want to get strong with me. If anyone else wants to join, feel free to! I did day 2 of the challenge today and did 5 sets: 3, 4, 2, 3, and 4.

If you want to join the challenge, here’s the site . Just add a comment about how many you did in the initial test or in the week 1 workouts and blog about it on your site too if you want. Also, leave lots of encouragement for everyone! My advice is listen to an awesome song while you’re doing your push-ups.

Have you tried coconut water? What brands/flavors do you recommend?

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