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Coach Beilein And Mental Fitness

Posted Mar 12 2011 12:28pm

Mental fitness can make us all winners just as it has the Michigan basketball team.

Coach Bielien has taken a bunch of freshmen and underclassmen and turned them into a successful team.  No one predicted that they could become successful this year.  They started off the Big Ten schedule with one win and six losses.

No one in their right mind would have thought that they would now have 20 victories.  With their horrible start in the Big Ten, no one expected them to thrive.  Now they have won more games in the Big Ten than they have lost.  The NCAA tournament is on their radar screen..

I believe that Coach Beilein has made up for the team's lack of age and experience through the teaching of mental fitness.  Mental fitness is, often times, the difference between winning and losing. 

John Borton from The has explained Michigan's transformation through mental fitness in his post " Michigan says yes to challenge ".  In this post he had numerous quotes from various team members including the coach.  Even the band is getting it!

"The Michigan band blared "Don't Stop Believing" down the stretch of a game in which belief looked futile". 

"It's just showing that you believe," head coach John Beilein insisted. There is power in it.

We have some frowners on the team. The coach can't be a frowner. We need to stop frowning. Just play through and show that 'Yes Face' all the time - yes, I can do it."

"We've been in a lot of games like that, where we've fallen behind but we just stayed strong, stayed with it," sophomore guard Darius Morris noted. "Coach always talks in the huddle about keeping a 'Yes Face,' no matter what the score is. That means just positive energy. When we do that, we're always in the game, no matter what the score is. We just focus on stops, and possession by possession, we get back in the ball game."

"Lots of people have the habit of counting themselves out, especially when they get down big - 11 points, 12 points," Morgan said. "Coach made a big deal of telling us to keep positive looks, even if something doesn't go your way. Stay positive about it, because when you harp on the negatives, it makes things go worse for you."

"Stay positive as a team. You can't count yourself out. You've got to have a lot of energy, and things started to go right for us."

Morgan affirmed. "When it got toughest - when we lost six straight games - that's when we banded together the most. We did a great job of doing it all season and in certain games.

"I can think of games where you kind of wonder how we won the game. We're just a resilient team, and we band together."

Team Michigan has been winning because of their mental mindset.  They have bought into the team concept and believing in themselves no matter what the odds are against them.  They have learned to put on the "yes face" mobilizing the belief and courage to excel in all circumstances.


Remember, We Live within the Environment Created by Our Choices!

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Coach


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