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Clinical Negligence Advice

Posted Mar 08 2013 6:06am
Having a medical or surgical procedure undertaken can be unnerving at the best of times. In most cases, procedures are straight forward and successful, and there is no doubt that the UK has some of the highest quality healthcare provision in the world. However, occasionally things go wrong and, in some cases, this is due to clinical negligence. There are a whole range of instances where negligence is the reason for patients suffering varying degrees of complications, which could have been avoided had care been administered properly.

Clinical NegligenceIt is not always easy to determine whether the right level of care has been provided, particularly when complex procedures are involved. However, the number of clinical negligence cases has risen in recent years, due both to a better understanding of patient rights and more forthcoming advice. If more care should have been taken to look after you then it may be grounds for a case to be brought against the healthcare provider. This may then lead to compensation being granted in order to provide further assistance and help you recover.

A matter of opinion
There are often a number of ways to treat a medical problem and clinicians and staff may differ in their opinion of which is best. This is not necessarily grounds to launch a clinical negligence case. However, if a mistake has been made during surgery, staff has provided a poor standard of aftercare or there has been a misdiagnosis then there may be a case for compensation. In many of these cases, care providers will have admitted fault before clinical negligence cases are launched.

Talking to the experts
Medical law is as complex as the field of medicine itself so it is imperative to talk to an expert. They will review the case and determine whether they think you have a claim, as well as providing support throughout the process.

The importance of physical and mental well-being
Whilst many clinical negligence cases will focus on a physical injury, psychological damage can also be grounds for a complaint and is not considered lightly. If you have suffered serious emotional distress as a result of negligence, then this will also be a factor in determining whether to pursue the compensation claim.

Everyone deserves the best care available, but if mistakes are made, it is important to know that there are options available. Specialist solicitors will provide clear guidance and will be able to gauge how likely the case is to succeed. They are then best placed to advise on how to proceed and ensure the best outcome possible.

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