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Client Interview Series – Yes, Mind-Body Healing Works!

Posted May 28 2010 11:51am
Meet Gail!

Meet Gail!

Looking for last week’s Free Call with Dan Howard?   Click Here for the Recording!

Meet Gail and listen to her Mind-Body Success Story!

Here’s how it goes: You’re ready to try something different.  You can’t believe you were meant to live your whole life in pain.  So – you start working with the mind-body tools.  You have a sense that this might really work, but you have doubts, fears, and lots of evidence for your belief that you’ll be in pain or have these symptoms forever.  You decide to try it anyway, despite these doubts, because, well – what is there to lose?  You start to learn more, work with the doubts, gain hope, and get into the process.

Yet, it’s an up and down journey.  It’s bumpy.  You wonder if it will really work, even though now you have some clear evidence in the form of pain-free periods.  You keep at it.  It’s not the quick fix, but you think this could be the real fix, so you hang in there.

And then, one day, you realize – it’s WORKING!  You really are feeling better!  Something clicks, and you know that you just need to keep up the process and it will lead to complete health.  You are down to just mild pain here and there, and you’ve worked through the root cause of the pain.  You’ve shifted old patterns of reacting to life situations, and you can feel a change inside yourself.  It’s not long after that you find yourself feeling healthy, feeling joy, and knowing how to weather life in a way that does not create more pain.

That’s the journey.  Today, I’d like you to meet Gail.   In the interview, she describes her experience with this journey and also shares helpful insights for others.  It’s always helpful to hear a success story, so thank you Gail for your willingness to share your story with all of the readers!

Download the interview with Gail here:

Client Interview Series – Yes, Mind-Body Healing Works!

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