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Clear Evidence Illustrates How the Economics of Divorce Favor Men

Posted Jul 14 2010 7:35am


So Much for Equality and Justice for All……

Women over 35 continue to earn just 75% of what our male colleagues do, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, which just released 2009 earnings numbers for men and women in the US. That number has barely budged in decades, and it doesn't take too much effort to figure out why. As the New York Times suggests… women over 35 continue to pay the price both for our country's lack of quality affordable childcare, which is usually the primary reason that women are compelled to leave  the workforce in the first place, and for the persistent sexism that keeps most women out of executive and managerial positions.

Furthermore, women are known to spend  the vast majority of our income on our family, and it is also worth remembering that women remain and girls make up 70% of the more than 1 billion people living in poverty globally, and here in the US. Women's salaries remain stagnant given our nation's resistance to establishing  measures that would  close the pay gap that keep women earning 756 cents to every man's dollar.

So when it comes to divorce, women are faced with earning sufficient income to cover basic costs of rasing our children as well as picking up the tab for child care. All this at a 25% deficient in pay.

A quick reality check may bring the monetary imbalance a bit clearer...

    "Income"  AB receives $175 per week for child support or $700 monthly.
    Costs based on child support guidelines cover: shelter, food and clothing.
The cost for basic needs is: nearly $25k in 2010, but AB only receives $9100 to cover fixed annual costs for 2 teenage girls who also need hair cuts 2-3 times a year, not to mention school supplies, field trips, and persnoal hygine products (Tampons and Pads are a costly monthly expense).

It's no even worth doing the math. In most cases, women shoulder the burden for meeting their children's daily needs both in tangible and intangidle terms and must do so earnnig 25% less then our male counterparts.

Repeated requests for the judge to apply a cost of living increase has been denied. So, AB must work harder, for less just to hold even. And AB's ex goes to work every day, free to make more money that is all him.

Hmmmm. Can anyone argue that this is just and fair? It's simply disgracefully that nothing changes, and worse that no one seems to notice..
Adapted from Igniting Change  The Ms. Foundation for Women Blog July 7, 2010

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