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Clean Eating Green Juice Recipe

Posted Dec 09 2012 5:37pm

Happy Football Sunday!

I’m excited because our chicken have finally begun to lay eggs again.  (No more buying those icky store eggs that you don’t know how long they’ve been around!)

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our chickens were molting, which means they were losing their feathers (then they grow new ones.) We have 24 chickens.  There has been nary an egg since a couple of months ago.  I’m just so excited!  After we got our first 2 I decided a farm fresh omelet was in order for breakfast the other morning.

Farm Fresh Egg Omelet

How great does that look?  The one thing that I noticed about our eggs is that they are so yellow compared to store bought eggs.

I’ve been working really hard on our marinade business this past week.  We are introducing Gift Certificates this week on our website.  I developed them myself and had them printed up;  they should be available on the site Thursday.  Go to Bare Bones Marinade  to get yours this week.  They would make great Christmas presents!

Talking about the marinade, I’ve been trying to draw web traffic to our FaceBook page.  There are lots of tips and pictures of clean foods that I’ve been cooking with it.  You can “LIKE” Bare Bones Marinade here .  That would be a tremendous help to our getting the word out and we are also running a promotion where the 250th person to “LIKE” our page WINS A FREE BOTTLE OF MARINADE!

I wanted to show you the ingredient list from the bottle.  I love our marinade.

Bare Bones Marinade Ingredients

With all of my cooking lately, I feel like Betty Crocker, LOL.  Yesterday I made jumbo shrimp and marinaded them in our marinade.

Uncooked Jumbo Shrimp

I actually grilled them inside on my Foreman Grill because it was rainy and damp out yesterday.

Grilled Shrimp in Bare Bones Marinade

These would make a great appetizer!  You only need to marinade them between an hour and 2 hours.  You cook for maybe 3 minutes.  They turned out perfect.  My daughter, who doesn’t eat seafood, said “This tastes like heaven”.  :)

We finally put our star on the Christmas tree December 2.  I kept forgetting to share the picture with y’all, so here it is.

Christmas Tree 2012

Today was also project day.  Aidan has a project due on Tuesday for reading, and I wanted to get it done because his band recital is also Tuesday and he’s not feeling well.  I’m really proud of his project!

Apparently, what you are looking at are the Appalachian Mountains, and a trail down to a Department Store.  He’s depicting a scene from Where the Lilies Bloom.  He did a great job!

I actually wanted to share my Green Juice Recipe. Ingredients can be adjusted for your individual tastes, of course!


1-2 bunches of Kale (don’t use bagged, you don’t get enough juice that way).

1/2 – 1 bag of spinach

1/2 lemon

1 good sized chunk of ginger

5-6 carrots or a few handful of baby carrots

4 apples (use red for a sweeter taste, green for sweet and sour, or a combination of both!)


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